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Addi Knitting Machine Baby Alien Doll Pattern

When I made this little baby alien doll inspired by The Child I wanted to share the pattern but wasn’t sure the best way in writing to describe how I made it so I decided to record the steps and add to my YouTube Channel. So that you can make your own I am adding […]

How I Make a Knit Pumpkin

Knitting Machine Pumpkin

A knitting machine pattern Re-posted from my original post 2 September, 2021 A Pattern by Savlabot Handmade Crafts *This pattern and the pictures are property of Savlabot and may not be shared or sold. You are welcome to sell finished products that are made using this pattern, but please link pattern/blog post to Savlabot as […]

Free Jellyfish Addi Express & Crochet Tutorial

This cute little Jellyfish is a  knitting machine and crochet hybrid pattern. You will knit the head of the jellyfish then crochet the tentacles.