The Circular Knitting Machine

What can you make with these handy little machines, Beanies, Toys, and Home Decor, there are so many things that can be made on these machines. I have really enjoyed playing with my 3 different knitting machines and wanted to share some of the simple recipes and patterns that I have with all of you.

I have 3 Circular Knitting Machines

Sentro 48 Pin

Loops & Threads 40 Pin

Addi Express Professional 22 Pin

Each of these circular knitting machines are great for different projects. I mostly use my Sentro 48 pin for Adult and Child size Beanies. The Loops & Threads 40 pin machine I make Headbands/Ear Warmers, Little Snowman Toys, bags and Toddler and Baby Beanies. The 22 Pin, I make most of my stuff on, if you scroll down to my patterns you will find some of the things I make on that machine.

I also created a Knitting Machine Notebook that I sell in my Etsy Shop that helps me keep track of all the notes for each of my machines and projects, you can find the notebook in my Etsy Shop. If you visit my Knitting Machine Notebook post you can find a few ways to print and bind the notebook and I have a free download with a sample page from the notebook on my Double Stranded Beanie Pattern Post.

The Knitting Machine Notebook

Knitting Machine Recipes

The Knitting Machine Recipes are simple patterns that only include a few tips, row counts for different sizes and yarns used. I do have a few full pattern tutorials on my blog, keep scrolling to find the links to other Knitting Machine Pattern Tutorials. Since many knitting machine projects start with a tube I thought simple recipes would be useful for people who are familiar with using a knitting machine. This means you will need to know how to use the machine and have made items of your own for these recipes to make sense, they are NOT step by step tutorials, they only tell you the basic information for a particular project.

Click on the link below to view available Knitting Machine Recipes

Knitting Machine Recipe Downloads

Free Rainbow Beanie Knitting Machine Simple Recipe

Knitting Machine Row Count Charts

I have also put together a few images that include row count charts for certain projects. Full patterns are available as described in the image captions below.

Ruby Ball Cactus Row Count Chart
The full pattern for this is available as a free bonus pattern to my Large Rainbow Wall Hanging Pattern.


Mini Boho Pom Pom Rainbow Wall Hanging
Mini Rainbow Wall Hanging, full pattern is available on my blog find link to pattern below.

Pattern Tutorials

22 Pin Machine Patterns

Tiny Pumpkins

Free Addi Express Doll Video Tutorial

Free Jellyfish Addi Express & Crochet Tutorial

Snowman Knitting Machine Pattern

Mini Rainbow Wall Hanging

Large Rainbow Wall Hanging

40/48 Pin Machine Patterns

Though many can also be knit using a 46 Pin Addi King

Little Bandit Knitting Machine Beanie Free Pattern

Knitting Machine Double Stranded Beanie Pattern

Free Knitting Machine Christmas Brownie Bag Tutorial