Ribbon Stitch Cowl

I have been working on posting stitches onto my site, the first stitch posted was the Ribbon Stitch which is a simple slip stitch colorwork pattern that can be knit with two or more colors.  This is a great beginner stitch, especially for those wanting to explore colorwork in knitting.

Tiny Heart Infant Beanie

I decided to participate in The American Heart Association in conjunction with¬†The Children’s Heart Foundations Little Hats, Big Hearts Campaign this year. I will be knitting, along with many other knitters and crocheters, tiny red hats for babies born in February; the¬†goal of this campaign is to raise awareness, provide resources and inspire parents about […]

Crochet Yarn Heart and Free Yarn Heart Note Card PDF

Some of my first patterns were appliqu√©s¬†and small crochet items and I have decided to post these for free on my blog for anyone that is looking for a small quick crochet project. These little applique hearts are super cute and easy to make. I love using them to adorn knit/crochet projects as well as […]