Free Knitting Machine Alien Doll Tutorial

When I made this little baby alien doll inspired by The Child I wanted to share the pattern but wasn’t sure the best way in writing to describe how I made it so I decided to record the steps and add to my YouTube Channel. So that you can make your own I am adding the row counts and other details needed.

Materials for Completion:

22 Pin Knitting Machine – I have the Addi Express Professional

Worsted Weight Yarn: I found Red Heart had the best color options for this doll

  • Suggested yarns
    • Red Heart – Oatmeal
    • Red Heart – Frosty Green

Darning Needle

Beads or Buttons for Eyes

Poly-Fil Stuffing


Tension: Tight. I use my Savlabot Tension Fork

Size: Approximately 7” depending on how much you stuff it.

Gauge: Not terribly important for this pattern 


Using the following row counts cast on and crank out your tubes. You will need waste yarn only for the ears tubes.

1 Body Tube (green) 80 rows – this tube will be double thick (folded inside of itself)

1 Sweater Tube (oatmeal) 60 rows – this tube will be a single layer.

2 Arm Tubes (green and oatmeal) 8 rows in oatmeal, 4 rows in green – this tube is 2 colors

2 Ear Tubes Use Waste Yarn (green) 13 rows – you will need waste yarn when casting off for this tube and long yarn tails as you will use them to finish the ears.