Simple Knit Beanie Collection

Materials for Completion:

48 Pin Knitting Machine – I have the Sentro 48 (you could use an Addi King too)

Worsted Weight Yarn:

Darning Needle



    • Liner – Moderate 2 holes only
    • Main Color – Tight all 3 holes

Optional supplies:

Row Counter,  Felt for scarf, Carrot Button for nose, Tiny Top Hat

Sizes: OSFM 

Folded brim will fit a Child/Toddler and can fit as a slouch beanie unfolded.

Unfolded is fitted for a Teen/Adult

Finished Measurements – 10″ from top of hat to brim

Tension used will determine the amount of stretch and overall size of finished beanie

Gauge: 25 Rows x 14 Stitches = 4″ x 4″


Liner = 60 Rows

Main Color = 60 Rows

Total Rows = 120


Cast on with Soft and Sleek and crank out 60 rows, change Yarn and hold the Spinesse with two strands together and crank another 60 rows for a total of 120 rows.

When changing colors, crank out a few rows then tie the two yarn tails together. I like to pull the yarn just slightly to tighten up a few of the stitches. This helps to keep the yarn from jogging over and gives a seamless transition from one color to the next.

Cast off by using the darning needle and picking up all stitches from machine.

Finishing the beanie:

Form the beanie by folding the liner into the main color. Cinch both ends of the beanie slightly. Using the yarn tail from the main color of the beanie thread yarn through all stitches of the liner color on the inside of the beanie.

Thread darning needle with liner color and bring up through the top of the beanie (you will be working on the right side) thread yarn through the main color stitched, cinch tight.


Bring yarn back through to the liner on the inside of the beanie and thread yarn through all you should end with both yarn tails coming out from the same spot. Cinch tight on both sides and tie yarn.

Thread both yarn tails onto darning needle and bring across center hole threading under the cinched hole so the yarn comes out on the opposite side of where you inserted the needle. Tie into a few knots. I like to make sure it comes out in between two of the cinched folds.

Then manipulate the yarn a bit so that the knot goes under the knitted work and is hidden.

The cinch on this comes out really nice on the outside because the yarn is so thin. It is a bit bulkier on the inside but still looks really nice and is nice enough that if you wanted it to be double sided you could. I think the cinch is good to be worn without or with a pom-pom.
This hat is also reversible, by hiding the knot in between the lining and the outside color it makes it so you can wear the hat either way!
I am leaving this one as is and won’t be adding a pom-pom. When I make pom-pom beanies where the pom-pom can be removed I don’t cinch the top so tight, I leave just enough of an opening to get the elastic cord through that I use on my pom-poms.
Don’t forget to add a tag! I never thought like this before, but now I feel like a beanie isn’t complete unless it has a tag!

And if you are curious about the seam where the two colors meet, it is nearly invisible, I have a hard time finding it by sight I usually have to feel for it.

This beanie could also be knit with only using the Soft & Sleek yarn using the same row counts. I just really like the way this beanie looks using the two strands of yarn held together.

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