Welcome to my website!

My name is Savla and I am the creator of Savlabot 🙂

I am a wife to the most wonderful husband and mother to three of the greatest children on the planet.

I have always enjoyed making things, I like to knit, crochet, sew, bake…there are so many, I am sure I will leave a few out if I try listing them all here…so, in order to keep this short, I will just say I dabble in all crafts.

I started Savlabot so that I could share some of my creations with all of you, the name Savlabot is just my name, first part of my first name Savla + Bot, my middle name (spelled a bit different for pronunciation reasons) and together they make Savlabot, some time in high school people started calling me Savlabot, and the name just sorta stuck. It seemed like the perfect name when I wanted to create a brand.

I have a busy life, taking care of 2 littles and my teenager, and as a result, I don’t get to knit as often as I would like. I started creating knit and crochet patterns that look detailed and a bit complicated, but really require simple stitches and easy to memorize patterns, this way I could start a project and easily pick up where I left off.

I knit and crochet mostly during the evenings, and sometimes while sitting watching TV with my children, if the pattern is too complex, I find that I never have the time to sit and work through it. I figured there are probably a lot of other knitters and crocheters just like me, that want simple to knit or crochet patterns that look a lot more complicated as a finished project. So, this is what I do, I create simple knit and crochet patterns, for busy yarn enthusiasts like myself.

A few years ago I started making printables to go with my knit and crochet items and oh boy did I find something I liked to do more than writing up patterns! So designing printables for packaging has become something that I simply love to do. My business really started to expand as I added more tags and wraps for crochet and knit pieces and I can honestly say I love making packaging and am so happy that I am able to make and share it with all of you.

Thanks for taking a bit of time to stop by and take a look, I hope you are able to find something that you like on my site, visit often to see the new things I come up with.