Donut Ring Toss

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My friend Marisa asked if my husband and I could make a ring toss game for her daughter’s 3rd birthday, the theme for theĀ party is donuts and she asked if we could mount a few dowels to a board for the game. I happened to have some dowels and a board with some drilled holes, so I thought, sure we have something we can use.

I asked my husband if we could make a ring toss using the dowels and pre-drilled board we had as a donut ring toss, and he said “donut ring toss is a waste of donuts” (thinking donuts would be used as the rings), I then explained that Marisa had made cardboard donuts that will be used as the rings and he said “We should make it look like a donut” I agreed and that is exactly what we did.

I did some initial searching online to see if I could find some measurements on how far to place the dowels, but didn’t find any donut ring toss games that looked like a donut, so we just did what we thought would work…which turned out to be the right move. The ring toss game worked perfect šŸ™‚

Materials For Completion:Ā 

Plywood: 3/4″ and 1/4″ thick, 1 sheet in each thickness (we had extra sheets of plywood so we used what we had)



Paint (in color of choice for frosting)

3/4″ Wooden Dowel

Spray Paint (matching color for frosting)

Drill with 3/4″ forstnerĀ bit

Wood Glue

Tacky Glue

Mini Popsicle Sticks

How we made our Donut Ring Toss:

Starting with the 34″ Plywood, draw a large circle and a center circle using a compass, our outer circle measured 31.5″ and the inner circle measured 9″.

We had plywood in the garage that we were able to use for this project, but you can purchase plywood at the hardware store in 4′ x 4′ sheets for the 3/4″ size.

We started by cutting the outer circle first, than cut the inside circle.


Next we found a piece of wood that was big enough for the frosting, you could choose to paint the frosting onto the cut out donut, but I wanted the frosting to have some dimension to it so we used a thin piece of board for the this. If you are purchasing wood for this you can buy 1/4″ plywood, I think they only sell this in full sheets 4′ x 8′ I wasn’t able to find 1/4″ plywood in the 4’x 4′ size.

My husband placed the donut ring that was just cut out onto the top of the 1/4″ plywood and traced the shape of the circle. He thenĀ free handed the shape for the frosting. Once we were satisfied with the look of the frosting, heĀ cut the outer shape and using the jigsaw free handed the cut for the inner circle, using the 9″ circle as a guide.

Once both pieces were cut out, we sanded all edges and the top of the frosting so that it was smooth to touch.

I forgot to take pictures of the frosting while it was being painted…but they wouldn’t have been that interesting to see. I used a sample flat white house paint and used two coats for even coverage.

Once the top was dry, I used wood glue to attach it to the bottom piece, I also clamped the pieces together to make sure they were stuck together tight.

While the glue was drying, I cut and painted the wooden dowels. I used one dowel and cut it into 3 pieces.

(the piece of wood in the picture with the dowel, is the piece of wood I was thinking we could use as the ring toss…before my husband suggested we make it look like a donut šŸ™‚ )

I used mini popsicle sticks for the sprinkles, my husband wanted to spray paint them on, but since these were all ready sprinkle shaped, and in bright colors, I figured they would be perfect.

The smaller image inset into the larger image shows the mini popsicle stick in comparison to a regular popsicle stick.

I randomly placed the popsicle sticks and glued them on using Tacky Glue, I chose Tacky Glue over wood glue so that I didn’t have to be super precise when gluing, wood glue doesn’t dry white, and Tacky Glue dries clear, so that is why I used Tacky Glue.


We used a Forstner bit to drill 3 holes 6″ from the center of the donut and evenly placed them onto the frosting. We used a 3/4″ bit, which was the exact same size as the dowel, we thought if they fit in tightly we can just push them in and not glue them, that way we could store the ring toss, or hang it as a sign when no in use.





My husband and I were so happy with how it came out, and the cardboard rings Marisa made were so cute! The game was fun too.

We used a block of wood behind the game to prop it up at an angle, we even added points if the donuts made it into the center of the donut.

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  7. Sharon A Maxwell says:

    Hi… I was looking for crochet patterns for ring toss games for some young children at church, and your site came up. I am 81 years old and LOVE the donut ring toss you made… wow, what a lot of work. It is really beautiful, and I can imagine the finished product was a lot of fun. God bless you two. Sharon

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