How to make a Pom-Pom

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Hello Crafters!

I really love Pom-Poms! they are so cute and are great additions to almost any craft. I have recently been making pom-poms for my knit beanies.

I use the Clover Pom Pom Maker, it is the fastest easiest way to make a pom-pom.

I have used many other DIY methods, my hands (great for big loose pom-poms), a fork (which is great for small pom-poms), card board, which I will never ever, ever use again, but is a way to make a pom-pom.

Though for the price of the Clover Pom Pom Maker, and the ease of use, I cannot think of making pom-poms ever again without this little maker, it is so very, very wonderful!

There may be other brands that sell similar makers, I just happen to have the Clover one, I haven’t tried any others, as this was the first one I purchased and I am super happy with it.

Here is a little photo tutorial on how to use this little magical pom-pom maker!

Click the title below to download a PDF file of how to make a pom-pom using a Pom-Pom Maker



How to Pom Pom Machine_IMG_1_Gather your supplies:

 All you need is a pair of scissors, the Clover Pom-Pom Maker and a ball of yarn!

How to Pom Pom Machine_IMG_2Open both arms of the pom-pom maker on both sides.

How to Pom Pom Machine_IMG_3Starting on one side, wrap yarn around arm of maker.

How to Pom Pom Machine_IMG_6Close maker and repeat on the other side.

How to Pom Pom Machine_IMG_7Close both sides of maker.

How to Pom Pom Machine_IMG_8Using a sharp pair of scissors cut down the middle of the maker. There is a space between the hinges where you can insert the scissors.

How to Pom Pom Machine_IMG_9Repeat on both sides.
How to Pom Pom Machine_IMG_12

Once both sides have been cut thread a piece of yarn through the middle





How to Pom Pom Machine_IMG_13


Tie a knot and pull as tight as you can without breaking the yarn.





How to Pom Pom Machine_IMG_16Open both sides.

How to Pom Pom Machine_IMG_17Pull away from each other and there you have it a Pom-Pom!

How to Pom Pom Machine_IMG_20Trim away any yarn that is sticking out, and then you are ready to use your Pom-Pom 🙂

Pom-poms look great on knit or crochet benies!

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