Valentine’s Day Scrunchies Free Printable Tag

Valentine Printable Freebie by Savlabot

Valentine’s Day is coming up and one of the things I like to make and give as gifts are Scrunchies. Velvet scrunchies are a lot of fun to make and so quick to work up that I usually make and give those. This year I have a few co-worker friends that I will be gifting these to and I decided to share the packaging I will be using here on my blog.

I have a pattern for velvet scrunchies that I think makes a very nice soft and fluffy scrunchie and is unlike most of the others you can find out on the web. The name isn’t anything clever, I just call it my New and Improved Crochet Velvet Scrunchies Pattern, though it isn’t so new anymore since I first shared it in 2020 🙂

To check in out click on the button below.

Crochet Velvet Scrunchies Pattern

You can find the Freebie Printable 3 Pack card by clicking on the button below. The linked PDF is for Velvet scrunchies made with 100% polyester yarn. For a blank card to be used with other types of scrunchies made using other types of yarn scroll a bit below to the link to the full set in my Etsy Shop.

Velvet Scrunchies Printable 3 pack card

Visit my Etsy Shop to purchase the full set that includes wraps for single scrunchies and the cute little square tag! The listing in my Etsy shop also includes a blank card so that you can write in the fiber content.

Complete Printable Set on Etsy

Thank you for making it this far

If you have the time I would appreciate it if you would visit my Etsy Shop, sales on tags, printables and other items such as the complete printable set in this post help me out a lot so that I can keep adding freebies like these on my blog. I choose to not have pop up ads, I love not having ads all over my site, I don’t want to add ads other than a few affiliate links here and there to my posts as I think ads really ruin the viewing experience. I am hoping if I can continue to make sales in my Etsy Shop to help me with my finances I can continue to add freebies to my site.

This printable and the pictures are property of Savlabot and may not be shared or sold. You are welcome to sell finished products that use this printable as packaging using pictures you have taken yourself if posting in an online marketplace such as Etsy or with my permission. If you share on social media please tag me with @savlabot and use #savlabot. Thank you.

PLEASE DO NOT modify this file and re-sell as a digital download, or as printed versions of this file for sale. The intended use of this item is packaging with your Soap SACK donations, you may print for use with items you make and donate.

Your cooperation is appreciated,


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