Temperature Blanket 2022

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot

From my Maker’s Log – 2022

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot
Since posting this Maker’s Blog I have made some slight adjustments to the Chart pictured here and now sell them in my Etsy Shop.

Since my website was hacked and I lost a lot of my blog posts I have been slowly adding them back. This post is my Maker’s logs from 2022 on my very first Temperature Blanket.

Entry 1 - January 16, 2022

I decided to start a temperature blanket this year. I had never heard of a temperature blanket until my daughter saw them on TikTok, she asked if we could make one and after looking into them a bit I decided it would be a fun project for us to do together. My daughter is just learning how to crochet and I think this will be a fun way to get her to practice more. She has been wanting to get better at it and we both think working on something for a whole year should give her just the practice she needs.

We are starting a little late for our blankets, I didn’t realize how much planning had to go into them, picking our colors was the hardest part. I knew I wanted to use worsted weight yarn for both of ours so that we didn’t end up with GIANT blankets at the end of the year. I decided we would buy our yarn at Knit Picks, I decided to go with Provincial Tweed and my daughter is using Brava Worsted.

I decided I should document my blanket and thought I would add a “Maker’s Log” sort of like a captains log from Star Trek of what happens on my Temperature Blanket Journey. If you want to find out more about Temperature Blankets, I found some really helpful posts here:

How to make a temperature blanket

What’s the Deal with Temperature Blankets?

So let’s just jump right into how I got started on my planning.

The Yarn

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot
Brava yarn pictured to the left and Provincial Tweed on the right.

I knew I wanted to use traditional rainbow colors for my yarn, so I headed over to Knit Picks website to see what they had to offer, I decided to see what bundles they had and found that I really liked the colors in the Provincial Tweed Vermont Value Pack. I also happened to have some of the yarn already so I was happy that I will be able to use some yarn from my stash.

For my daughters blanket, she is new to crochet so I wanted to buy an inexpensive yarn so that I didn’t spend too much on yarn for a blanket that she didn’t finish, she also liked the color options that Knit Picks had to offer for their Brava Worsted Yarn.

When assigning colors to the temperatures, I had to take into consideration my climate, so I had my daughter pick out 7 yarns and the bundle I bought had 7 yarns to choose from, I figured we could use all 7 of the colors, or just choose 5 of them that we liked best. Where we live the weather is mostly in the high 60s mid 70s almost all year. I knew that our blankets would mostly be in 1 or 2 colors so we decided to try a 10 degree range in temperature and pick the colors we liked best for the 60-70 temps and then for the colder and hotter temps we selected one color.

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot

The temperature range above is just 5 colors plus a filler color, my husband had the idea to add a row of a different color to mark each month, so at the end of each month I will do one row in my filler color. Since it doesn’t get very cold here I decided to use blue for 4 temperature ranges, that way I would be able to use it more, if I picked colors for the last 3 cold temperatures I knew I would never use those colors, so I think this is going to work out well…at least I hope.

I decided to use the posted weather on accuweather.com to track the weather, that way we are using the same temps and will look at the posted temperature in the evening each night. I was also able to look at the weather from the past year to sort of gauge how I should assign my colors to my temperatures.

The Pattern

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot

I am going to make a Cluster-V Stich blanket, I saw a video by Hooked by Robin on YouTube showing how she uses the stitch to make a scrap blanket, I really liked the look of the blanket and liked that you don’t really have to count stitches as much as in other patterns, so this is an easy one to do for me.

I did a swatch to determine how many stitches I needed to cast on for my blanket, I had a blanket at home that was the size that I wanted.

The blanket width is 54″ and my swatch is 6″ 54 ÷ 6 = 9, then I took 9 and multiplied that by the number of chains that I did to start, which was 24 so 9×24 =  216. Lastly, I wanted to add a stitch at the end and a stitch at the beginning of each row, so I added 3 stitches (2 for my starting chain which would be my first stitch of each row, then 1 for the extra stitch that I needed for the end of the row)

Now after all of that I started my foundation chain with 219 chains.

I will try to write up the pattern and have it ready to share in my next entry.

Now I am going to get started on the blanket, I have about 5 rows done, by my next post I should be caught up, I will be logging my progress and writing up a post as I go!

I will also share my chart that I am using to keep track of what color I am doing each day, I want to use it for at least a week before I post it, I want to make sure that it is something that is easy to use. I plan to add it as a freebie on the post for next weeks entry.

Happy Making!

Share your Temperature Blanket Progress with me on Instagram, I am using #temperatureblanket2022

Maker’s Log Entry 2 Temp Blanket Day 23

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot

What I learned after 1 Week

I started my blanket a bit late so I spent my first week getting caught up and I am happy to say that I was able to get rows 1-22 complete!

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot

It’s been 23 days and even though I had a lot of catching up to do I am still having a blast working on my temperature blanket. I have been working my rows one day after the weather is posted on the site where I am tracking my weather. I am using accuweather.com and using the final daily high for the day.

So far as you can see my weather has been pretty much around the same temp these last 23 days, just a lot of green and yellow right now. But I am hoping to maybe get some orange mixed in soon. Unfortunately where I live I don’t think we will be having many days colder than my green temp so I don’t see any blue in my future for the next few months.

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot

I have been marking down my temperatures by color using a habit planner, I was going to use a calendar but wanted to see everything on a single sheet of paper, so I found that the layout of a habit planner was exactly what I needed to keep track of the color needed for each day. I usually mark a few days at a time and work a few rows each day while I was getting caught up. I think I may continue to do that instead of working on a row each day.

You can download the habit planner if you think this might be a helpful way for you to track the colors for your blanket. The download is free, just click on the button below to access the free printable. 

Temperature Blanket Habit Planner

I also made a wooden temperature color keeper that helps me to check what color yarn I am using for each day. I decided to sell these since so many people had asked, you can find them on my Etsy shop. I did make a few adjustments to the chart for the ones that I am selling, but there are plenty of photos to show you what the wooden temperature blanket color keepers look like.

Temperature Blanket Color Keepers

Update on the pattern

Updated suggestion for the pattern after week 18

I decided I should share the pattern that I am using for my blanket. It is a Cluster-V stitch repeated over a number of rows. I found the stitch on YouTube and made a few adjustments for my blanket.

I am doing everything that is shown in the video to complete the stitch except I do 1 ch in between instead of 2 chains in the center of the V stitch.

I also added a stitch at the beginning of each row and a stitch at the end.

Here is the video to show you how to complete the stitch Hooked by Robin 

After completing February in my Temperature blanket I discovered the Cluster-V makes too big of a blanket with the yarn that I am using so I have decided to switch up the stitch pattern starting in March. See Maker’s Log Entry 4 for an update on the pattern.

I am using a lighter category 4 (Medium Weight) yarn from knit picks Provincial Tweed

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot
colors I have selected for my blanket. Candy Apple, Pumpkin Pie, Caramel, Salsa Verde, Winter Walk and Black (for my filler)

Cluster V Blanket Terms

ch – chain

Cluster V-Stitch – work into the same stitch, dc2tog, ch1, dc2tog to complete the cluster-v stitch

hdc – half double crochet

sc – single crochet

Let's Get Started

Make a foundation chain in a multiple of 3. I started with 219 stitches.

The chain 2 at the beginning of each round counts as your first stitch.

Row 1: Starting in the 2nd chain from the hook, sc into each ch across. You can also sc into the back bump of each chain.

Row 2: Ch2, work 1 cluster-v stitch into every 3rd stitch until the last 2 stitches, hdc into the last stitch.

Row 3: Ch2, work 1 cluster-v stitch into the ch1 space of each cluster-v stitch from the previous row, hdc into the last stitch.

Repeat Row 3 for every day in the color that matches the temperature for your temperature blanket until day 365.

Final Row: Ch1, sc into each stitch across.

Bind off and weave in all yarn tails.

I am also using a filler yarn for my blanket, I will be using the same color and add a row in between each month, so my blanket will have more than 365 rows when it is complete. My husband suggested a filler color that could be used to see the break in between each month. I am still trying to decide if I will do a row of sc since that is how I started the blanket and will finish with a row of sc, or if I will do a repeat of row 3. I have until next week to decide…I will update this pattern once I make my decision.

How much yarn will i need

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot

After completing 22 days I was able to determine that 1 hank = 9 rows, now for a little more math to figure out roughly how many more hanks of yarn I will need.

I didn’t want to purchase all of my yarn at one time, as I am not able to predict the weather and what colors I will need exactly so I have been buying just a few hanks at a time.

Since I was able to get 9 rows from one hank I think I will need about 41 hanks of yarn and I am pretty sure I will be using mostly green and yellow I bought a few extra hanks in those colors and less of the blue and red. I still need to get about 11 more hanks and I am planning on buying those starting in fall, or possibly if this yarn goes on sale.

I hope if you are making a temperature blanket this year you are finding it to be a fun experience. I have never made a blanket with such small yarn and so far I am really enjoying it. I think once I get to use more colors it will be even more exciting.

This blanket has already gotten me thinking about my blanket for next year, I am thinking so far that next year I am going to do more specific temperature ranges for my area, so that I can use more colors. For this years blanket I decided to add the same color for the two hottest temperature ranges because we rarely have too many days above 80 where I live, and for the colder days I added the same color for the last 3 temperatures.

At the end of this year I will have a better idea of what color I used the most and may possibly make a custom range for the temperatures that will work for areas like mine where we are about the same temperature year round.

Happy Making!

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Maker's Log Entry 3 Temp Blanket Day 52

February 20, 2022

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot

Entry 3, almost done with the second month

And after two months my blanket hasn’t changed much…

My blanket is all greens and yellows…and that is ok, I am loving the way my blanket is looking and I came up with how I plan to add in my filler color!

On the 9th we had some hot weather where I live so I was able to add a new color! I think when you live somewhere like where I live, getting to add a new color is a pretty big deal. Since this is my 1st temperature blanket I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew that the weather where I live is mostly the same so I had thought by adding less colors to my blanket and using the same color for the cooler and warmer temperatures I would get a chance to use more colors. This is turning out to not be true, so far the 2 middle temperature ranges are dominating my blanket and I am afraid this may be what I should expect for most of the year. But I am ok with it, I am still having a lot of fun making this blanket and even if it is mostly green and yellow, I like those colors and I will have a blanket that I really like when the year is over.

What to do with the filler color?

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot
The blue line is the filler color, and marks the end of January and start of February. The yarn color is actually black, but looks a bit blue in this photo.

I wasn’t sure at first what I wanted to do with the filler color and did a few swatches using just a single crochet stitch. The filler color sort of got lost and was going to have to do a few rows of single crochet in order for it to show up, so I decided to just add in the filler color using the same stitch as the rest of the blanket. When I do my border I plan to use just the filler color, and possibly a row each of the 6 colors of the blanket so having a row using the same stitch as the rest of the blanket I think will be the best fit.

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot

One thing I have to say is that I am so glad that I decided to use a habit planner style chart to keep track of my colors. I find that I don’t really like doing just one row a day, I like to do a few days at a time, so I have been working on my blanket mostly on Friday’s and Saturday’s. The habit planner is really easy to just fill in the bubble and then cross off once I have done the row. I had my daughter using a calendar that you write in the color and she came and asked me for the habit planner one If you want to download and use the one I am using, you can find the link to the download in my last post.

Temperature Blanket Chart Printable Download

After completing February in my Temperature blanket I discovered the Cluster-V makes too big of a blanket with the yarn that I am using so I have decided to switch up the stitch pattern starting in March. See Maker’s Log Entry 4 for an update on the pattern.

I hope you are also enjoying making your Temperature Blanket for 2022 and if you are thinking of starting one, I think you still have some time, I say it’s not too late unless you think it is. 

Happy Making!

Maker's log entry 4 temp blanket day 123

May 5, 2022

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot

Only a month or so behind…

Well, I finally have something to share when it comes to my Temperature Blanket. It is still mostly green but, I discovered that my blanket was going to be HUGE so I had to think of something to fix this.

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot

I had finished February and started on March and realized that my blanket was going to measure the length of maybe 2 king sized blankets!!! I was really hoping when I started this that I would have a normal sized blanket, but for some reason when I started I never thought to measure my swatch for how long the blanket would be. I only thought of how wide and the cost of the yarn…which turns out was going to be more than I had thought because of the yarn I had chosen.

Now as I stand looking at my blanket already the size of a small blanket  I knew I had to do something…I had only made it to April in the photo above.

After making my way through March I decided to just frog all of March and start that month over with a new shorter stitch. I really am loving the look of the cluster-v and didn’t want to give up on that stitch in my blanket so I decided to add a new stitch for the next 8 months to make the length of my blanket shorter. I will finish the last 2 months with the cluster-v to even out the blanket.

And I think this is going to work!

The new swatch

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot

I worked a new swatch and tested out a few different stitches. I really wanted to find a stitch that was short but still had a nice texture that would compliement the cluster-v. I ended up settling on the Grit Stitch. I sized up my needle to a 6 mm US J hook so that my stitch would not be so tight and so far it is working up really nicely.

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot
I did end up frogging it a few time so that I could determine the size hook to use, so now I am on March 9th on my blanket so I have some catching up to do.

When adding the new stitch, I decided it would be easiest to add my filler with single crochet across the top of the cluster-v so that I could start out the grit stitch on an even row of stitches.

The cluster-v stitch is worked over a multiple of 3 stitches and the grit stitch is worked over an even number of stitches, luckily for me I happened to be using 216 stitches for my blanket, so I was able to add the grit stitch without any problems to my blanket.

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot

The Grit Stitch would make such a great border for a Cluster-V stitch blanket!

I chose to make a slight change to the grit stitch when adding it to my blanket so that I would have a nice clean edge.

Since I started with a row of single crochet stitches in my filler yarn I did the following for the added rows of grit stitch.

Row 1: ch1, 1 sc into the next 2 sts, *skip 1 st, 2sc into the next st, rep from * until the last 2 sts, 1 sc into each of the last 2 sts.

Now all I have to do is repeat row 1 of the new stitch until November!

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot
Temperature Blanket Color Keepers are available in my Etsy Shop!

We will see how this goes, I am thinking this will make it so that my blanket measures just a little larger than a queen sized blanket when I am finished.

I am still thinking if I will add a border, or keep it borderless, I am thinking I will know once I start working on the cluster-v portion of the blanket again.

Thanks for following along on my Temperature Blanket Adventure! Be sure to follow along with me and other makers on IG and post your Temperature Blanket photos with #TempBlanket2022

Oh, and if you haven’t grabbed your copy of the Temperature Blanket Color Tracker, here’s the freebie download below. I am so glad that I decided to use a habit planner style chart to keep track of my colors. The habit planner is really easy to just fill in the bubble and then cross off once I have done the row.

Free Temperature Blanket Printable Chart

Happy Temp Blanket Making!

intended use of this item is packaging, you may modify and print for use with items you make and sell.

Maker's Log Entry 5 Temp Blanket Day 365+

January 10, 2023

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot

My first temperature blanket is almost finished!

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot
I am almost finished with October in this shot.

I am so close to being finished with my Temperature Blanket and it is looking so pretty, but also reallllly looong. I have 16 days left to crochet!

I thought I had figured it all out in the beginning to not make all the mistakes of a rookie temperature blanket maker but I 100% made them all…and I am ok with that.

I still had such a blast working on my blanket all year, and cannot wait to get it finished.

I had really wanted to finish it on New Year’s Eve but I decided to hang out with family and ring in the new year with a small party instead, lol. I also had a months worth of rows to do on New Year’s Eve so I don’t think I was going to finish it that night anyways.

My blanket took quite a journey, I started out with one stitch that ended up being too big of a stitch, if you read my last post you will see where I changed the stitch. I had planned at that time to switch back to the original cluster-v stitch but by the time I finished crocheting October my blanket was still way too long so I decided to just finish it off using the current grit stitch.

I really am so happy with how the blanket is looking, even if it is really long. I was thinking I was going to leave it borderless, but I saw another makers blanket today and am now thinking I should add a border…hers came out so good. You can check out her temperature blanket video on Instagram @tlyarncrafts

Now all that is left is to finish the second half of December, weave in the ends and think about what border I should do…or if I should just leave it…and plan out my blanket for 2023!

I will have one more post for my 2022 Temperature Blanket when it is finished. I will share the final length and weight of the blanket. I will also add a modified version of my blanket pattern, that only has the grit stitch in it.

A few things I learned while making my first temp blanket

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot


When I planned out my blanket I did not take into account how expensive the yarn I was using was. I just picked a yarn that I liked and ordered what I thought I needed. When I bought my yarn it was on sale and when I realized I only had about half of what I needed I had to purchase it when it was no longer on sale. Be mindful of the yarn you are purchasing, and the price. I don’t regret at all my yarn choice, and it did end up costing a few hundred dollars more than I had planned but I did work on this blanket for 365 days and I absolutely love it! I also was able to break up my purchases of the yarn throughout the year so it wasn’t so hard on my bank account.

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot
Temperature Blanket Tags can be purchased in my shop, I have them for 2023 too, or you can leave it blank instead of having the year added.

Another thing to consider regarding yarn is the yarn weight. I chose a thinner worsted weight yarn that I thought would make a decent sized blanket. Besides the stitch that I had chosen for the first part of the blanket, my yarn choice for that stitch I had selected was too big. The second stitch that I selected was a much better stitch to use for this project, and my final pattern will only include that stitch.

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot
The temperature blanket tags are available in my shop Temperature Blanket Wooden Tag.

Choosing yarn colors can be tricky, you cannot really know what colors will be next to each other in the blanket so you want to make sure that all of your colors will work well together. My swatch looked much different than how my blanket turned out since I only really used 3 of the 5 colors. All of my colors though compliment each other so I knew that no matter what the striping looked like my blanket was going to look good. When I was planning out the colors I purchased more colors than what I thought I would use, that way I was able to mix and match to find 5 colors that I thought really went well with each other.

Temperature Ranges

Where I live the temperature is pretty much the same year round. I had selected 5 colors but my blanket was only 3 for the most part. I ended up with 1 hot day and was able to use red and 2 cold days where I got to use the blue color. Other than that my 2 middle temperature colors made up most of the blanket. It was in the mid 60s and 70s almost the entire year.

My Blanket in colors:

189 Days – Green Temps, 54 – 66

141 Days – Yellow Temps, 67- 77

29 Days – Orange Temps, 78 – 88

2 Days Blue Temps, 53 and below

1 Day – Red Temps, 89 and higher

And after counting all of the days and the colors I realized I forgot 3 days!!! I cannot believe I did that, and honestly not really sure how I did that but I forgot to add March 31, May 31 and October 31…I don’t even know how I did that since I was using an app that has a calendar with all of the days on it…but somehow I missed those 3 days! There isn’t any going back now to fill in those days…I will just have to let it go and recognize that my blanket is only 362 days, lol.

For my 2023 blanket I have decided to go with smaller ranges and start the cold and hot lower than I did this year. I will share my updated temperatures on my next post.

Tracking the temperatures

Temperature Blanket by Savlabot
Using this habit planner style chart was the only thing I really did right, lol. It worked so well at keeping track of what I needed to crochet for each day.

Even though I somehow missed 3 days I really liked the way I tracked my temperatures. I used a habit planner and I filled in the bubbles to the color for the temperatures for each day. I didn’t mark the temperatures on the planner, I found it easier to keep track of just the color and only have one sheet. I also used a weather website on my phone and used the average high for each day. Here is a link to accuweather.com where I tracked the weather.  I will be using this same method to track my temps/colors for next year and will have added a 2023 tracker to this post

Stay Tuned

Hopefully next week I will have my final post for my Temperature Blanket Maker Log for 2022 and have my colors and the stitch for my 2023 blanket for you!

Happy Temp Blanket Making!

Thank you for making it this far!

If you have the time I would appreciate it if you would visit my Etsy Shop, sales on tags, printables and other items such as my Temperature Blanket Tags help me out a lot so that I can keep adding free patterns like these on my blog. I choose to not have pop up ads, I love not having ads all over my site, I don’t want to add ads other than a few affiliate links here and there to my posts as I think ads really ruin the viewing experience. I am hoping if I can continue to make sales in my Etsy Shop to help me with my finances I can continue to add freebies to my site.

Thank you so much

This pattern and the pictures are property of Savlabot and may not be shared or sold. You are welcome to sell finished products that are made using this pattern, but please link pattern/blog post to Savlabot as the author or the pattern link in your description and use pictures you have taken yourself if posting in an online marketplace such as Etsy. If you share on social media please tag me with @savlabot and use #savlabot

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