Waxed Amaryllis Bub Knit Bag

Knitting Machine Amaryllis Bulb Cozy

Waxed Amaryllis bulbs are such a great gift and so easy to decorate to give as gifts or to sell. I found mine this year at Costco in a 3 pack and plan to gift them to the teachers and staff at my sons schools. I used my Jamit 40 pin knitting machine to knit up some festive bags to cover them with then dressed them up with a few little holiday charms and bows! Since the waxed amaryllis bulbs don’t need to be watered they make for great gifts!

Materials Needed

For this recipe I used a worsted weight yarn, I really like Lion Brand Heartland, Wool-Ease and Fisherman’s Wool for these bags.

Heartland in Redwood


Fishermens Wool

Knitting Machine – I used my Jamit 40 pin, you can also use an addiKing or Sentro with more pins, you bag may not fit as snug but will still work just fine.

Yarn Needle

Waxed Amaryllis Bulbs – The flower bulbs need to be waxed when purchased or you can make your own using regular amaryllis bulbs and prepping them and adding wax to them. Waxed flower bulbs do not need to be watered which is why they are ideal for this project. I purchased my waxed bulbs at Costco so I have them linked in this post.

Finishing Touches

For this knit cozy it is really just a small beanie that the waxed bulb sits in. I use the same method for closing a beanie so that the bottom of the bag stays nice and flat.

Let's Get Started

Tension: Tight, First hole only using the Tension Rod on the Jamit or Sentro. Tightest Tension holes 1 and 2 on the addiKing

Cast on as you normally would and crank out 55-65 rows

The number of rows will depend on how big the bulb is, for the smaller ones I did 55 rows and the bigger ones I would do 65 rows.

Cast off using your darning/yarn needle and close using my Closing a Machine Knit Beanie method.

Amaryllis Knitting Machine Bulb Cover
For a two color bag you will need to adjust the rows a bit. Start with a liner color and crank out 35 rows then do the remaining 20-35 rows with the outside color. The first color cast on will be the inside and top portion of the bag.

Add your waxed bulb to the knit bag and then use the cut off yarn tails or extra string to wrap around the neck of the bag about one inch down from the folded edge. I like to create a draw string on the bag so that the yarn stays in place better when tied around the neck of the bulb.

Tie with a ribbon or twine bow and add a holiday charm or other decoration. Gift with a tag with care instructions (you can find one in my Etsy Shop).

Holiday Gift Tag Set

amaryllis bulb knit cozy

Amaryllis bulb knit cover

Thank you for making it this far

I hope you find this recipe easy to follow!

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