Sewing a Patch onto a Beanie

Sewing a Patch onto a Beanie

Sewing a Patch onto a Handmade Beanie

Sewing a Little Bear Patch onto a newborn beanie

This is how I like to add a faux suede patch to my handmade beanies. I also use this same method to sew patches onto my handmade knit and crochet cup cozies. 


Supplies: Craft Bond Washable Glue (Tacky Glue)

Cotton Thread, DMC Cotton Thread or Embroidery Thread

Darning or Tapestry Needle

Handmade Beanie – This is my Rainbow Beanie turned inside out, you can find the recipe for this beanie here

Beanie Patches

Beanie Patches

Sewing a Patch onto a Beanie

When I sew on my patches I glue them down first. I use a washable tacky glue, I have been using Craft Bond from Elmers but other washable tacky glues will work. I use this glue because it dries fairly quickly, but not so fast that I can’t adjust the patch after placing on the beanie if necessary. I also like that the glue is washable, this way if glue gets anywhere other than where I wanted it, I can toss the hat in the wash and the glue will wash away.

The glue also serves the purpose of keeping the patch in place while I stitch around the edge.

Sewing a Patch onto a Beanie
Be sure to use a small amount of glue and do not glue too close to the holes.

When placing the patch onto the beanie, I like to line up the edge of the patch with a vertical row of stitches. You will see in the photo below, I have highlighted the right leg of the knit stiches in one of the vertical rows, I line up the patch so that it is along the edge of that column of stitches.

Sewing a Patch onto a Beanie

After the patch has been placed on the beanie you will want to let it dry completely, you want to make sure the patch is not going to move when you start stitching around the edge.

I use a cotton thread or embroidery thread to sew on my patches. I usually don’t use the yarn used for the hat, I used to do that but found that yarns that are too thick cover up too much of the patch and can be harder to pull through the holes.

I am using a cotton thread, but often times I will use embroidery/craft thread that matches the color of the patch.

Watch my video to show how I stitch on the patch.

Sewing a Patch onto a Beanie

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. I know when I started sewing patches onto my beanies it was a bit difficult. Gluing them on for me has helped quite a bit with keeping the patches straight, I hope this is helpful to you too.

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Newborn Patches

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