Mason Jar Cozy Free Pattern

Hello Fellow Knitters!

My friends and I went on an all girls camping trip this year and I was in charge of bringing beverages, I made some Amazing White Wine Sangria and packed it in Mason Jars, and also brought coffee for in the morning. One thing I didn’t bring was enough mugs for all of the girls to enjoy their coffee, as a result, we used the empty Mason Jars that I packed the Sangria in, this was a great idea, except the mugs were a bit hot to touch so we used some towels to keep our hands warm.

After this experience I thought it would be a good idea to make a cozy for my mason jar cups so I could enjoy my hot tea or coffee without burning my hand.

Mason Jar Cozy 1

I came up with the idea for a knit cozy with a pocket on the side to hold a tea bag, instant coffee pouch or sugar packet. Knitting seemed like the perfect technique for this cozy, though I think I am also going to work on a crochet cozy in the near future, possibly one with an opening on the side that can be used with a mug or mason jar.

Mason Jar Cozy 2

For now, this cozy will do just fine. I used a medium weight acrylic yarn, though I think for my next one I might want to use cotton yarn. The acrylic yarn seems so far to be just right, soft to the touch and has just the right amount of stretch to it.

Please click on this link, Mason Jar Cozy Pattern to download the Free Pattern as a PDF File.

The pattern is also available on Ravelry Free Mason Jar Cozy Pattern

I hope you enjoy knitting this cozy!

4 thoughts on “Mason Jar Cozy Free Pattern

    • Savla says:

      Thank you! If you try out the pattern I would love to see a picture, you can always post on Instagram with #savlabot 🙂 Mason Jars seem to be everywhere now, Michael’s craft store sells them individually and in packs, with a coupon you could get a super deal on them. Though Target does also have good pricing on their Mason Jars too.

  1. Paula J Crossen says:

    I love these and instantly though of who I could gift them to! However, I’m a bit concerned that they might slip off because the jars don’t have a handle to use. I really love the mason jar idea and we have plenty of them around here left from when my husband made jams and jellies. I’m trying to use things that we already have, due to the self-quarantine. We just moved here and I still have to find my knitting needles!!!

    • Savla says:

      I use mine all the time, I haven’t had any slip off, though after I posted this I decided I liked cotton yarn better than acrylic for this. I have been wanting to make one in cotton and update this post, thanks for the reminder!

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