Crochet Holiday Wreath Ornament

Free Crochet Holiday Wreath Pattern

And Free Printable Packaging Card!

Yarn: Peaches & Creme

Well, it is that time of year again and I am ready to start making some fun things for the holidays!!! Lately I have been making a lot of little quick projects like ornaments and I thought I would share a pretty quick little Crochet Holiday Wreath that you can turn into an ornament or use to decorate with.

Let’s Get Started!


Wooden Ring – I have a set of rings that are perfect for this or a 1″ wooden ring will do.

Worsted Weight Yarn – 2 colors (or you can add a silk ribbon for the bow)

Size 5mm (Size H) Crochet Hook

Darning or Tapestry Needle


ch = chain

hdc = half double crochet

sc = single crochet

slst = slip stitch

Crochet Ornament

For this pattern you will be crocheting around a wooden ring, the ring is important to help keep the shape of the wreath.

Tie yarn onto wooden ring

Step 1: 30 hdc around the ring, join with a slst.

30 hdc into ring

Step 2: *Ch1, 1sc, repeat from * for each stitch until end, join with a slst.

Cut yarn leaving at least 4 inches, you will use this as the string for the ornament or to weave in.

Crochet Wreath

Add a little bow, I use either a chain of stitches or just a piece of scrap yarn and stitched it onto the center of the wreath using the green yarn tails. I added another piece of red yarn and stitched around the stitches to form a ring of red.

I left long tails from the red yarn that was stitched around the wreath and used that as the strings for the ornament to hang from.

Yarn: Peaches & Creme

You can also leave the stitching around the wreath off and use a chain of stitches or a super bulky weight yarn in red or another color and tie on for the bow. For this style I leave long green yarn tails for the string that the ornament hangs from.

Be sure to weave in all loose yarn.

Packaging your ornaments

If you are planning on gifting these or selling them it is always a great idea to add packaging. I have a freebie for you to package your Crochet Christmas Wreath Ornaments. It is a simple folding card that you can use to attach your ornament.

Printable Christmas Ornament Downloads

To package these I like to cut little slits into the card to string the tail through. I place the ornament where I want it to go and mark the spot, then using a razor I make an x for the string to go through. I tape the string down on the back and then fold the card. I have been putting these into little plastic sleeves, that way everything stays in place, the ones I have I do have to trim down and I seal them with one of my holiday wreath stickers. I like this size sleeve because it is the perfect size for my cup cozy/sleeve packaging.

Free Crochet Holiday Wreath Pattern

Full Set of Packaing for ornaments, coasters and garland can be found in my Etsy Shop!

Christmas Coaster Printable Set

Now for the Crochet Applique Wreath

Free Crochet Holiday Wreath Pattern

I have also found a way to make this wreath into an applique that can be attached to so many fun projects for Christmas.

Holiday Wreath Garland

The applique wreath is very similar to the ornament but you don’t use a wooden ring. Instead you will use single crochet into a chain ring.

Let’s get started.

Same supplies for this pattern:)

Free Crochet Holiday Wreath Pattern
Cup Cozy Pattern: Chai Latte Cozy by Savlabot

Ch7 and form into a ring with a slst.

18sc into the ring, join with a slst. Cut yarn and weave in yarn tails.

Free Crochet Holiday Wreath Pattern

Add a bow and stitch around the ring just like you did with the wreath ornament. Weave in all loose yarn.

Free Crochet Holiday Wreath Pattern
Yarn: Peaches & Creme

These crochet wreaths are such quick makes and are great stash busting projects. Keep scrolling for a few ways to use these little Crochet Ornaments and Applique Wreaths!

Add tiny applique wreath to a wooden house for holiday home decor…and I have a tutorial on how to make these tiny houses!

Free Crochet Holiday Wreath Pattern

DIY Christmas Block House Tutorial

Add Ornament to a tiny bag, or even and knitted gift bag. 

I added some candy to make this into a little treat bag gift!

Turn your little wreaths into garland! I added 3 crochet circles in between each wreath to make a fun Christmas Wreath Garland. When putting the garland together I just started chaining a few stitches and every 5 chains would attach one of the wreaths or circle by slip stitching into the top of a stitch on either the wreath or a circle depending on what needed to go next.

Free Crochet Holiday Wreath Pattern

Add the applique wreath to a cup cozy. I used one of my favorite cup cozy patterns, The Piper Cup Cozy and added the tiny wreath, I cannot wait to give these as gifts!

Piper Cup Cozy Pattern by DENImade

I hope you enjoy making these little crochet wreaths! Be sure to share your versions with me on Instagram @savlabot or use #savlabot

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