Vote Beanie Keychain Pattern and Free Printable Tags

Vote Beanie Keychain Printable Packaging

The Vote Beanie Keychain Pattern by my IG Pal Nadine Johnson aka Buddy Luv’s Crochet

Nadine has made another wonderful Beanie Keychain pattern, the VOTE Beanie Keychain

Photo by Nadine Johnson

You may remember a few posts back my review of her second beanie keychain pattern, the The Kind Heart Beanie Keychain  and my review of her first pattern the Be Kind Beanie Keychain both patterns by Nadine Johnson  @buddyluvscrochet were inspired by the #HatNotHate campaign and she created this new Vote Beanie Keychain to help spread the word to Vote, Vote, Vote!!! When Nadine shared that she was writing up another pattern I new I wanted to make printables for it…so here they are 🙂

Free Printable Tags for the VOTE Beanie Keychain

Your Vote, Your Voice

Photo by Nadine Johnson

The pattern for this Beanie Keychain can be found on Ravelry and is FREE during the voter season.

The pattern is an easy to follow pattern and is perfect for stash busting! Check out Nadine’s latest post on Instagram she shares a few different yarns that work great with this pattern.

Vote Beanie Keychain Pattern on Ravelry

I created hang tags, display cards and flag tags to go with the Vote Beanie Keychains, click on the link below to go to the download page for all 3 files.

Free Printable Tags for the VOTE Beanie Keychain

I made a special faux fur pom-pom when I made my Kind Heart Beanie and thought I would share how I made it. This pom pom is pretty perfect for tiny beanie keychains of all kinds!

I used Lion Brand Yarn Go For Faux Fur Yarn and crocheted it! It was pretty quick and easy to make, watch the video tutorial for how I made mine.


Photos used in this post by Nadine Johnson

I hope you enjoy this printable, and if you try out the Vote Beanie Keychain Patterns be sure to share pics on IG with #votebeaniekeychain tag Nadine @buddyluvscrochet & #votebeaniekeychain when you share your Vote Beanie Keychains, and of course if you snap a pic with my printable tag please don’t for get to use #savlabot on social media.

PLEASE DO NOT modify this file and re-sell as a digital download, or as printed versions of this file for sale. The intended use of this item is as a tag put on items you make and sell or give as gifts.

Thank you.

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