Stems for Handmade Pumpkins and a Free Crochet Pumpkin Printable Tag!

I love making knit and crochet pumpkins! This year I have been trying out different patterns from some of my maker friends and let me say, crochet pumpkins are so much fun to make! I haven’t tried as many knit patterns out, but the season isn’t over yet…so I still have a lot more time to find more fun knit pumpkin patterns.

I thought I would share the different stems I like to put on my pumpkins, and some of the patterns that I have been using for crochet pumpkins this year. Oh, and I have a freebie tag for you. This tag is for Handmade Crochet Pumpkins but I have a complete tag set with Knit and Handmade wording as well in my Etsy Shop 🙂

Check out the complete tag set on Etsy

Let’s Talk about Stems!

I like to use a variety of stems for my pumpkins, my favorite is using a real pumpkin stem that has been dried.  Last year my mother-in-law went to a local farm and rummaged through the bottom of the bins (with permission from the farm) and found a ton of stems for us to use for our pumpkins.

I find that the best way to attach the real pumpkin stems is with hot glue, I haven’t had any fall off and my mother-in-law packaged most of hers in groups of three and mailed them off to all of her sisters and friends and all made it through the mail safely. I also love adding a few finishing touches like twine or fabric leaves to the pumpkins. I usually add my leaf on after I have glued on the stem, then add any other decorations. Since these are glued onto the top of the pumpkin it is hard to know exactly how the leaf will look if added first.

Faux Suede or Faux Leather Stems

I have these in my Etsy Shop 🙂

There are a few ways to add stems like this, I have been cutting out pieces on my laser and have them listed in my shop, I have some pretty fun colors available for making Halloween or Colorful pumpkins, I also found a super cute suede that has a stripe on it like a real pumpkin stem! I have these in a few sets in my Etsy Shop and all of my pumpkin stem sets come with a few of my fabric pumpkin leaves 🙂

I have a quick little video on how I add my Faux Suede Pumpkin Stems, I just use the yarn tails from the pumpkin and sew them into the middle.

Some of the faux suede material that I use to make my pumpkin stems has a print on it, I like using the backside of this material, it is a bit fuzzy and I like the texture that it adds to the pumpkin, though the printed side looks pretty good too…it is nice to have some options 🙂

Sticks and Driftwood!

I love the natural look of a stick and driftwood as a stem ( I may like driftwood the best…but it can be a bit harder to come by) I live near the beach and usually collect a few pieces of driftwood on each of our beach hikes, I started picking pieces out that look more like a pumpkin stem and I must say I am really liking the look of these pumpkins!

For my sticks I just go out to the trees/bushes in my yard and trim a few, or save them throughout the year when my gardener trims my tree.

I attach the sticks and driftwood a little differently then how I attach a real pumpkin stem, since the sticks are usually a bit more uniform in size I usually leave a bit of a bigger hole in the center of my pumpkins and add a good amount of a Craft Bond Glue in the center hole before wedging the stick or piece of driftwood into the pumpkin. Be sure to let dry completely before handling. If I am adding a leaf onto the pumpkin I attach the leaf using the yarn tail before I glue on the stick or driftwood.

I find when I gift my pumpkins that they look great with a cute little tag attached, I am giving a freebie download today of one of the tags from my Pumpkin Printable Tag Set. I designed these tags last year and added to my Etsy Shop and wanted to share one of them on the blog as a freebie. Since I have been doing so many Crochet Pumpkins I thought I would share the crochet tag. The set comes with 5 printable templates if you want to check out the full set in my Etsy Shop.

Printing Tip: If you want your tags a little smaller, when printing the PDF at home, say you want 2 per page that way the tags print out about 1/2 the size and are perfect for smaller pumpkins 🙂

Click on the link below to access the free download.

Free Printable Crochet Pumpkin Tag

I also shared a few weeks back a colorful pumpkin tag too if you haven’t seen that freebie printable yet.

Free Watercolor Handmade Pumpkin Tag

Now for some of my favorite Crochet Pumpkin Patterns!

Crochet Chunky Pumpkin by Kazzolas

Farmhouse Pumpkin by Silver Maple Stitches

I have also been playing around with stiches and just making rectangles or working a fun stitch in the round to make some of my pumpkins.

I started converting a few of my cozy patterns into pumpkins and will be sharing how I make a sedge cluster pumpkin in my next post, so be sure to check back in for the free pattern on my blog.

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