Free Freeze Pop Printables

Free Freeze Pop  Templates

A fun set of summer and animal themed printables for crochet freeze pop sleeves!

I had someone mention needing a printable for crochet freeze pop sleeves so I made a set for them and then got a bit carried away and ended up making 7 different fun animal freeze pop holders and some for summer.

I decided to search the web for some patterns to go with the animal printable templates and to my surprise I found a pattern set that included a freeze pop sleeve for each of the animals I had made for my printables! How wild is that, I really thought I was going to have to find a few different patterns to find a shark, mermaid, unicorn, dinosaur and giraffe, but I found them all in one set. I also had a bee and an alligator, but the pattern that I found can very easily be converted to a bee or an alligator, so now I was set and just needed to make some to photograph with my new printables!

The crochet FUN Freeze Pop Holder pattern that I found is by Green Fox Farms Designs she has a free version of the pattern on her website, but if you are like me and like printing out your patterns she has a very reasonably priced version available on Ravelry.

FUN Freeze Pop Holder PDF Crochet Pattern

By Green Fox Farms Designs

Click here to access the free printable Freeze Pop Templates

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