More Face Mask Printables!

As most of you know I have been making face masks and Ear Savers and have a links page where you can download different printables for use with the items you make for sale and for donating. I thought I should add an updated post with some of the materials I use for my masks that I am making along with some pictures of the new tags I have added in the last couple of days.

I always include a tag, I use different ones depending on who I am sending the masks to, you can find all of the different tags that I have made at the link below:

Free Face Mask Tag and Card Downloads

I have recently added some new tags for multi-use ear savers with wording for Ear Saver and Mask Mate. These tags also include a diagram so people can see how the ear saver/mask mate can be used.

Pony Tail Ear Saver Pattern by The Pink Sheep Design
Pony Tail Ear Saver Pattern by  Pink Sheep Design

More Face Mask Tags have been added too!

I use Bernant Maker Home Dec for my ties. I find this yarn to be the best option from what is available, I have been wearing a mask using this yarn as the ties and it is very comfortable and using the long tie method it is easy to adjust. I use a crochet hook to pull the yarn through the channel, I find a small size 2.75mm crochet hook is the perfect size to fit in the ties channel on the mask and to grab the yarn to pull it through.

Bernat Maker Home Dec Yarn

I also recently added new tags that show how to wear the mask using the long ties.

Where I find places to donate my masks

I mostly use the below list to find places to donate my masks as well as sending them to Tieks for distribution.

Tieks Face Mask sewTOGETHER campaign

Hospitals Accepting Masks by State

The Pattern I use most

I use the pattern by Craft Passion, I use the template to cut out my masks and have made some slight modifications to make it work with my sewing ability.

Craft Passion Face Mask Template Download

I hope the information here is helpful to those making masks and ear savers, if you need more info I have a more detailed post that you can find here

 Free Mask Mate and Ear Saver Printables

If you have the time I would appreciate it if you would visit my Etsy Shop, sales on tags and other printables help me out a lot so that I can keep adding free printables like these on my blog. I love not having ads all over my site, I don’t want to add ads other than a few affiliate links here and there to my posts as I think ads really ruin the viewing experience. I am hoping if I can continue to make sales in my Etsy Shop to help me with my finances I can continue to add freebies to my site.

Thank you so much 🙂

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2 thoughts on “More Face Mask Printables!

  1. Maria says:

    Just wondering how much is to get tags to put in when you sell masks or paper
    I just saw in fb pages thanks
    I can’t find if it’s free download or we need to order

    • Savla says:

      There is a link to all of the face mask and ear saver printables, the link takes you to all of the different tags available. Just click on the link that says “Free Face Mask Tag and Card Downloads”

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