Hat Not Hate 2020

#HatNotHate Beanie Care Tags

Hey guys, I made some new Hat Not Hate Tags for the 2020 campaign. This year the Hat Not Hate team is collection 100,000 hats!

If this is your first time hearing about #HatNotHate you can find out more information on their website Hat Not Hate Website last year was my first year participating and I donated 25 hats, I am hoping to double my donation this year so I am starting a little earlier than I did last year.

I made up new tags to use with your donations, this year I added a few extra boxes so you could put where your beanie was made, I thought it would be cool if the recipients could see how far their hat traveled to them. I also did two tags with the fiber content filled in, I think Acrylic and Acrylic/wool blend yarn seems to be most popular so those are the pre-filled tags that I made. And I added size tags, that way when the Hat Not Hate Team gets your donations they can have an easier time sorting them by size.

If you want more options for care tags for Hat Not Hate, you can check out my tags from last year Free Hat Not Hate Beanie Tags

Here’s a peak at the tags, I saved them in a dropbox folder this year, keep scrolling to find the link to request access to the folder.

Download Hat Not Hate 2020 Care Tags

I also have a few free beanie patterns that I created for Hat Not Hate, you can find the patterns by clicking on the links below

The Kindess is Cool Beanie

Jumping Jelly Beans Knit Beanie

I really hope you find these tags useful and make it easier to label your hats that you donate to Hat Not Hate.



3 thoughts on “Hat Not Hate 2020

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  2. Lin says:

    Hiya, but I can’t seem to be able to get the yarns/ wools. Any recommendations, thanks. Even if they can ve purchased in Brooklyn/Flatbush areas. Thanks

    • Savla says:

      Most of the yarns used in this pattern can be purchased in most craft stores such as Micheals or Joann, you can also buy online from the Lionbrand store, I think they ship internationally. I use Wool-Ease Thick and Quick as well and Hometown.

      I hope that helps.

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