Knitting Machine Notebook: 3 ways to print and bind your new notebook

Printing and Binding Your Knitting Machine Notebook

One quick and easy way to print and use your knitting machine notebook is to 3-hole punch and put into a 3 ring binder.  I found these Clear Easy View Plastic Tab Dividers to use with the notebook so that I could divide up the pattern sections and still see the section cover.

Clear Easy View Plastic Tab Dividers

3 Ring Showcase View Binder

Savlabot Knitting Machine Notebook

Another 3 ring binder you can use, if you want a nicer looking notebook is a fabric or material covered binder. I found a cute pink one at Target and used it a few times for other notebooks and thought it was perfect for a knitting machine notebook. I used white tab dividers for this one because I felt they looked better than the brightly colored clear view tab dividers.

I also like the pockets on this type of binder, as they are more durable than the plastic view binders and I can put some of the supplies that I use. Binder clips are a must when you have a Sentro or a Loops & Threads machine as the tension guides never seem to keep the yarn in the holes when you are using more than one hole, so a binder clip is a must to hold that yarn in place.

White Tab Binder Dividers

Fabric Binder

Savlabot Knitting Machine Notebook

The last option I am sharing today is a DIY Spiral Bound binder using a Pro Click Modular Binding System, this is a great option for a small notebook that doesn’t take up too much space and can be stored a bit easier with your knitting machine (depending on how much space you have for storing them)

I used Post-It tabs to section of the binder and keep the different project notes sections separated.

For this binder you get a kit and use the paper that came with the kit to print the notebook. The paper is pre-punched to fit the binding and you can open and add or remove pages whenever you want. The kit comes with a black plastic and clear plastic cover, I used the black cover on the back of mine to keep my notebook pages from getting messed up.

Pro Click Modular Binding System

Post-it Tabs

Savlabot Knitting Machine Notebook

Be sure to visit my Free Knitting Machine Patterns, I will be adding new patterns every month!

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