Little Bandit Knitting Machine Beanie Free Pattern

#LittleBanditBeanie a free knitting machine pattern by Savlabot 🙂 and a free PDF Hang Tag File!

I also have a PDF version of this pattern along with 3 care tag printables available for purchase in my Etsy Shop.

This pattern is made using a fun blended cotton acrylic yarn for the outside and lined with a soft merino wool blend yarn. This beanie is not only super soft, but will keep you warm when you need it to. Stylish, and practical, this is the second beanie in my Simple to Knit Knitting Machine Beanie Patterns. I absolutely love the way this beanie came out, this yarn looks awesome with just a simple knit stitch. I hope you like it too 🙂

Materials for Completion: There are 2 patterns, be sure to scroll for both sizes, and a freebie tag is at the end 🙂

48 Pin Knitting Machine – I have the Sentro 48 (you could use an Addi King too)

Darning Needle



    • Liner – Tightest Tension for Toddler Beanie (3 holes) Moderate Tension Adult Beanie (2 holes)
    • *Main Color – Moderate/Tight Tension for Toddler and Adult Beanie (1st hole closest to machine) please read * note below.

Sizes: OSFM Toddler

Folded brim will fit a 12 month old to about a 3 year old or so, and can fit as a slouch beanie unfolded.

Unfolded is fitted for a Youth ages about 3-5.

Sizes: OSFM  Adult

Folded brim will fit a Youth/Adult and can fit as a slouch beanie unfolded.

Finished Measurements

Toddler: 9.25″ from top of hat to brim

Adult: 11″ from top of hat to brim

Tension used will determine the amount of stretch and overall size of finished beanie. The main color yarn is a cotton acrylic blend and a bit thick for a size 4 yarn, it doesn’t seem to run through the Sentro machine well on too lose of tension, be sure to pay attention to dropped stitches, if you are seeing dropped stitches you are using too lose of a tension.


Using different yarns other than the suggested yarns my result in the fit of the beanie being different than suggested using the row counts and tension.

Gauge: 26 Rows X 12 Stitches = 4″ x 4″

*Tension for the Main Color Yarn Bee Denim in Color may vary, this yarn is a bit of a thicker size 4 and you might find it easier to run through the machine using hand tension. I had luck using the 1st hole using the black yarn, but after using another color of this same type of yarn I had an easier time doing my tension by hand, but it was tricky. The black colorway was much easier to use than taupe. I would use caution with other colors and be sure to go slow. I didn’t have any problems with the black yarn but each skein might yield different results. If you are having trouble with the main color yarn, try using a dryer sheet to run the yarn through, this helped out a lot for me with the taupe yarn.

Toddler Pattern

Liner = 65 Rows Tightest Tension (All 3 holes or tight tension by hand)

Main Color = 65 Rows Moderate/Tight (2 holes closest to machine, or moderate/tight tension by hand)

Total Rows = 130


Cast on with Must Be Merino and crank out 65 rows, change Yarn and  crank another 65 rows for a total of 130 rows. Remember your tension will be a bit different for each yarn

Sample image is with a different yarn, but I used the same method when changing colors, crank out a few rows then tie the two yarn tails together. I like to pull the yarn just slightly to tighten up a few of the stitches. This helps to keep the yarn from jogging over and gives a seamless transition from one color to the next.

Cast off by using the darning needle and picking up all stitches from machine.

Video support for closing the beanie


The Adult Beanie

Liner = 72 Rows Moderate Tension (2 holes, or by hand)

Main Color = 72 Rows Moderate Tension  (1st hole only, or by hand)

Total Rows = 144


Cast on with Must Be Merino and crank out 72 rows, change Yarn and  crank another 72 rows for a total of 144 rows. Remember your tension will be a bit different for each yarn

Closing the beanie using the same method as described in the Toddler Pattern.

I call this the Little Bandit beanie as the colors remind me of a Raccoon 🙂 I have a super cute tag set and PDF download of this pattern available in my Etsy Shop. The tags are perfect for adding to gifts or items you sell. The set includes wraps and tags, including care tags!

Keep Scrolling for the freebie tag!

Little Bandit Beanie and Care Tags on Etsy

I decided to include a little hang tag that can be used with this item. I really want people to use the proper packaging for items they sell, there are rules and regulations that must be followed when you sell a handmade item. This particular beanie uses wool and it is required that you disclose the fiber content of any item that includes wool. I have a freebie care tag that will allow you to package and properly label this beanie if you intend on selling it. Though having the fiber content is always a good idea even for gifts that you give.

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Little Bandit Care Tags PDF Download

Be sure to visit my Etsy Shop, I have quite a few patterns and printables available for handmade gifts and items you sell!

I hope you enjoy this pattern, if you knit one up I would love to see a picture, please share with me using #savlabot on social media.

This pattern and the pictures are property of Savlabot and may not be shared or sold. You are welcome to sell finished products that are made using this pattern, but please link pattern/blog post to Savlabot as the author or the pattern link in your description and use pictures you have taken yourself if posting in an online marketplace such as Etsy. If you share on social media please tag me with @savlabot and use #savlabot. 

PLEASE DO NOT modify this file and re-sell as a digital download, or as printed versions of this file for sale. The intended use of this item is as a tag put on items you make and sell or give as gifts.

Thank you.

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