The Lacey Crochet Scrunchies Free Pattern

The Lacey Scrunchie

I recently discovered a new way to make scrunchies and just had to give it a try with a pattern of my own. I am not sure why it took so long to try out just crocheting a tube around an elastic hair tie, but for some reason it never occurred to me until now. I am not the first person to do this and I have seen a few other patterns that use this technique the only difference in this pattern is where I insert my hook to create the lacy look of The Lacey Crochet Scrunchie.

So let’s get started


Hdc = half double crochet


Size 1 super fine yarn, I used Loops & Thread Woolike Yarn  and Yarn Bee Spinesse Yarn

Size C2 2.75mm Crochet Hook

Elastic Hair Ties


Darning Needle

Optional Scrunchies Wraps

This pattern uses Tubular Crochet around an elastic hair tie. I unfortunately do not know what the stitch is called that I am using, but you will be crocheting into the back 2 loops of a hdc in the round.

This pattern is difficult to explain in written terms so I made a video for it, though I have tried to explain as best I could below.

Make a foundation chain of 17, insert chain into the center of the elastic hair tie, being careful not to twist the stitches, join with a slip stitch.

Row 1: Hdc into each chain until you reach the end.

Row 2: Hdc into the back 2 loops of each stitch.

Repeat row 2 continuously until your tube reaches the desired length, slip stitch to join, then tie off and seam around to join both ends of the tube.

I don’t measure my tube, I just work my tube to a length that looks scrunchie enough for me and isn’t super tight when I stretch out the elastic hair tie.

On your last round, be sure to match up the ends of the tube so that your first stitch of the chain and the last hdc meet at the same point.

Please view this video using larger yarn to see where you insert your hook to complete the stitch necessary for this pattern.

Give your scrunchies a polished off look with my Scrunchies Flag Tag Wraps, these work great for customer orders and selling at markets!

Savlabot Scrunchies Flag Tag Wraps

This pattern and the pictures are property of Savlabot and may not be shared or sold. You are welcome to sell finished products that are made using this pattern, but please link pattern/blog post to Savlabot as the author or the pattern link in your description and use pictures you have taken yourself if posting in an online marketplace such as Etsy. If you share on social media please tag me with @savlabot and use #TheLaceyScrunchie. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “The Lacey Crochet Scrunchies Free Pattern

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  2. Gladys Paradeses says:

    I was trying to suscribe to your page, but could not since I am Almost 92 years years old and I don’t really much of this technology. I am trying to learn how knit or crochet a scrunch for my daugther and my grandchild Juliet,
    But it seems I don’t have the brain to learn, but I am going to keep trying
    Till I learn. Any way I just wanted to tell you, you have a very good way to
    Explain the instructions.and very pretty crunches. Thanks for the lesson.
    Sorry for my English.

    • Mallory says:

      I think your English is amazing, and the fact that you are trying to learn to make something for your daughter and granddaughter is also AMAZING! You must me an exceptional woman! Never apologize for your English! You are awesome!

  3. Gladys paradeses says:

    You have a very nice way to tell the instructions, and very pretty.
    Scrunches. Maybe it’s my English and maybe is not giving me, what I am
    Trying to understand. Believe me. Your way of explains the instructions
    Is very good. I think is that is hard to follow for me instruction in English..
    I thank you for the time you gave me with the crunches.I will try again and again to knit or crochet one. have a good day,

    • Savla says:

      Thank you Glady’s I am so glad you want to give the scrunchies a try, Did you try watching the YouTube video? There are 2 videos, one with instructions on how I do the stitch and one with me making a scrunchie from start to finish.

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  5. Miss Mahtab says:

    It’s so amazing and beautiful. I Feel Happy Because It’s So attractive And Useful. These ideas Are Very Impressive thanks for helpful ideas I am very very happy to see this because you give me creative ideas.

  6. Hana says:

    Hello from the Philippines! I’m 20 years old and I’m learning how to knit. I love your video. It inspires me to make a bunch of colorful scrunchies from your pattern. Thank you for sharing your creativity to the world. You are such an inspiration.

  7. Bobbie says:

    Thank you for the pattern and tutorial. You have a wonderful gift for crafts and how you explain everything makes me feel confident that I can make some scrunchies! I am new to crochet and I struggle sometimes understanding what the videos are trying to teach. Your video is the best I’ve seen:) as a knitter for 50 years I actually feel like I can do this !, Thank you so very much!!!!

  8. Samantha says:

    Your tutorials are great, however, the music you use for your videos overtake your voice making your instructions hard to hear.

    • Savla says:

      Yes, I have heard that, when I created the video the volume for me wasn’t very loud. I have been planning on doing a new post once I get some free time that has different music that is low in the background. Thank you for the feedback. S~

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