Tiny Plant Pot Cozy Crochet Pattern

This little jar cozy can fit on a variety of 4oz-8oz jars depending on the style jar. I mostly use my Oui Yoplait Yogurt jars and other small food jars to put them on. This jar cozy can also be turned into a hanging plant pot cozy.

The Sedge Jar Cozy

Designed to fit an Oui Yoplait Yogurt Jar but also fits other small glass jars

Let’s Get Started!

Terms: Special Terms are explained towards the end of the pattern

ch = chain

dc = double crochet

hdc = half double crochet

MAR = magic adjustable ring

rep = repeat

sc = single crochet

sc-blo = single crochet into the back loop only. Stitch video on page 5.

Sedge Cluster = single, half and double crochet into the same stitch to form cluster. Stitch video on page 9.

slst = slip stitch

st(s) = stitches

Size: Finished Measurements: Small – 2” x 3” Large – 2.5” x 3”

Gauge: The gauge is the measurement across the bottom of the cozy after you crochet round 4 your base should measure 3″


Yarn: Bulky Size 5 Weight. Yarn used in images is Bernat Maker Home Dec Yarn

Hook: J10 6.0 mm crochet hook

Locking Stitch Marker

Darning Needle

If you would like a photo tutorial for this pattern I have it included in my Sedge Cozy Pattern Trio which includes this jar cozy, a pint cozy and a can cozy.

OK, now let’s really get started!

Ch1 in this pattern does not count as a stitch.

Make a MAR. You can also ch4 and join with a slst to form a ring.

Round 1: 9 sc into the MAR. Join with a slst. (9)

Round 2:  ch1, 2sc into each st around. Join with a slst. (18)

Round 3: ch1, 1sc in the same st, 2sc in the next st. *1sc in the next st, 2sc in the next st, rep from * to end. Join with a slst. (27)

Round 4: ch1, 1sc into each st around. Join with a slst. (27)

While crocheting round 4 you will notice your work may curl slightly, this is totally normal. Measure for gauge at this point.

You want your base to measure just about 3 inches. You want the base of your work to be slightly bigger than the base of the jar.

Round 5: ch1, sc-blo into each st around. Join with a slst. (27) See video tutorial under special terms for sc-blo

Round 6: ch1, 1 sedge cluster in the same stitch, *skip the next 2 sts, 1 sedge cluster into the next st. Rep from the *around, join with a slst into the top of the hdc. (9 clusters)

After round 6 you will be crocheting continuously, you will not slst to join in the round or ch1 at the beginning of each round. Use a locking stitch marker to indicate rounds. I like to place mine in the top of the sc of the sedge cluster, that way I can complete my sedge cluster that starts a new row before moving my locking stitch marker up. See video under special technique.

Round 7 – 8 : 1 sedge cluster into the top of the hdc from the sedge cluster below. Continue crocheting in the round until you have reached the last round. Join with slst at the top of the hdc on your last round before moving onto the finishing rounds. (9 clusters for each round)

For taller Oui jars add one more round of sedge clusters, if you are using a different size jar continue to work the sedge cluster round until your desired length to fit your jar.

Image on the left is 8 rounds before the finishing rounds, image on right is 9 rounds before finishing rounds.

Finishing Round 1: ch1, sc into the top of each hdc and dc from each of the sedge clusters from the round below. Join with a slst. (18)

Finishing Round 2: ch1, sc-blo into the top of each st around. Join with a slst. (18)

Pull yarn through, cut and weave in. Your cozy should fit a variety of small glass jars. You can also add more sedge cluster rows to fit taller jars.

For a Hanging Jar – Add strings of yarn by attaching with a lark’s head knot on every 6th stitch. 

I mark off the stitches where I want to add the strings with stitch markers. Cut 3 pieces of yarn about 24”-30” in length for each hanging string, you can adjust how long you want your strings depending on the space you will be hanging your plant. Loop yarn in half so that you have two ends. 

Using your crochet hook, insert hook into the stitch marked with the stitch marker, you can insert from the outside or inside, I chose the inside so that my loop would be on the outside of the strings. Grab the strap and pull through. Pull the two strap ends through the loop. Repeat with the other 2 pieces of yarn.

 Once you have all 3 pieces attached, I like to add the jar to the hanger to help weigh it down and ensure the straps are even. You can do this with an empty jar too. 

Tie all ends together in a single knot with a loop at the end. Make sure to pull the knot tight. I use a slip knot that I tie really tight. You can also add a little Fray Check or waterproof glue to the bottom of the strings to ensure they do not slip out of the knot. My pot weighs about 11 oz and I haven’t had any knots come untied yet. 

Free Printable Jar Cozy Template


Video Support for this pattern was filmed with different yarn but the stitch type is the same.


sedge cluster

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    I can hardly waite to get started on these. I love the bowl cozies as well. So delightful for a gift, yet easy to do and not time consuming

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