Knit Bags for Christmas Goodies

Machine Knit Bags for Christmas and other Holiday Goodies

Video Tutorial with Written Instructions

Materials for Completion:

40 Pin and 46/48 Pin Knitting Machine – I have the Loops & Threads 40 Pin Machine and I use the 48 Pin Sentro though an Addi King will work for this project too.

Worsted Weight Yarn:

US Size 7 Circular Knitting Needle used for casting off machine, though other methods of casting off will work


Darning Needle


Tension: Tight (first hole only)

Other supplies:

Row Counter


Size will vary depending on how many rows you do and on what machine you use. About 4 rounds is roughly 1 inch of fabric.

Gauge: 2″ x 2″ is 8 stitches x 8 rows

Directions: Video following written instructions

Start with waste yarn and cast on and crank out 10 rounds or so.

Switch to Yarn for the lining and crank out 45 rounds

Loosely tie on main color yarn and crank out 65 rounds for a total of 110 Rounds.

Cast off by using one of the circular knitting needles, transferring all stitches onto the circular needle. You can also use a darning needle but will need to use a different method for binding off and sewing the bottom of the bag.

Find the section of the bag where you switched yarns, and pull slightly to straighten up the seem. Tie and trim yarn, leave about an inch on each side of the knot.

Grab your other circular knitting needle and pick up all the stitches from the lining at the bottom of the knit tube. Once all stitches from the bottom have been transferred onto the 2nd circular needle pull off waste yarn.

Grab the bottom of the tube and pull it up to meet the top of the tube, bind off.

Follow the line across the bottom of the bag and stitch under the seam to close bottom of bag.

When you use 2 colors you will have a distinct line of yarn that can be used as a guide from the two colors of yarn.

Add a ribbon to make the bag a drawstring. I use the line from where the lining meets the main color of the bag as a guide.

You can adjust the size of the liner to make more or less of a ruffle at the top, just add more rows of liner if you want less knitted fabric at the top of your bag. Still knit to the 110 rounds if you want a bag this size.

Fill your bag with a gift, I added Christmas Brownie Mix to my bag, I put a bag of Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix and a baggie filled with chocolate candy toppings along with a recipe card inside the bag. I tied the bag closed with the ribbon and added a tag and a Christmas decoration.

I love the way these bags came out, I wanted to knit a bag that had the look of a burlap sack and I think the Fisherman’s Wool Yarn really gives this bag a natural look.

I also made a set of tags to be used when gifting these knit bags you can find a full set of holiday tags available in my Etsy Shop.

I did include a free sample of the set here of the different cookie tags that are a part of the full set. Just click on the link below to download the sample cookie tags and the brownie recipe card.

Sample Holiday Cookie Tags

Brownie Recipe Card

I included 3 different cookie tags, 2 Merry Christmas Gift Tags and a Christmas Brownie Recipe Card.

Some of the tags are set up to print so they can be folded.


The full set is available in my Etsy Shop and includes tags for Knit Wreaths, Knit Christmas Beanies and different blank tags. The tags can also be used on Cookie Mixes that are put in jars.

Full Christmas Tag Set

This bag can be made in a variety of different sizes to hold different kinds of gifts. I also used my 40 pin machine to make a bag for a wine bottle.

The wine bag was made in the same way as the brownie mix bag, the only difference was I used the 40 pin machine. The length was 110 rows as I had a fairly short bottle. The bags do stretch a bit so you can stretch the bag to fit over the bottle before tying it around the neck.

These bags are also the perfect size for Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes add in a little pouch with 1/2 cup of M&M Holiday Baking Pieces and the mix can be transformed into a Christmas cookie 🙂

I have plans to make more bags and use my Addi Express to make small goodie bags. If you try out this pattern I would love to see what you come up with. Please share pics with me on instagram use #savlabot or tag me @savlabot

I made a bag for a Waxed Amaryllis Bulb, my mother-in law is making waxed amaryllis bulbs to give to her friends so I knit up a bag on my L&T, I just shortened everything to make a 6″ bag and cinched the bottom closed instead of doing a seam.

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