Another Take on DIY Suede Tags

I decided to give DIY tags another try using a different method

I like the ones that I have made using the Iron On Transfers they allow me to create more of a custom tag, but sometimes Iron On material can be a bit tricky and I don’t like how it changes the texture and feel of the faux suede. So I decided to get out my Cricut Explore 2 and cut some tags out and stamp designs onto the tags using rubber stamps…and…these came out great!

I am really happy with how these look and feel, and tags made using fabric pens are totally washable, they do not fade or bleed into the faux suede! I hope you enjoy the post and give them a try, they are pretty easy to make.

These tags are really nice, and feel great BUT I must say I have some Ultra Suede tags that I purchased and they are even better, and I will be using those on many of my handmade items. I wanted to figure out a way to make tags myself to see how they compare and they are close…but not quite the same.

If you make and sell at markets I would say purchase your tags from an online seller…the quality of the ones you can buy is ultimately better…but if you want a few custom ones, small batches, or some seasonal items that you give as gifts these tags will work out great.


Cricut Cutting Machine – This is optional you can always hand cut these out and use a leather punch for the holes

Chicago Style Screws

Cricut Faux Suede

Small 0.5″ Rubber Stamp (Here is a link to the one I used Fox Rubber Stamp)

Fabric Pens – If you want the tags to be washable

Ink Pad

I picked up most of my supplies at Michaels, but you can use stamps and ink pads that you have on hand or order a custom stamp with your logo. The stamp needs to be no larger than .5″

Fabric Pens can also be used and will allow the tags to be washable!

Let’s get started

You will need to create a rectangle to the desired tag size and add holes that are roughly a 1/4 of an inch, then copy and paste as many of the tags onto your sheet, or you can purchase my Cricut Cut file here: Cricut Cut Templates

Set your machine to cut on a 12″ x 12″ mat, and set the material to custom “Faux Suede” when you use faux suede you have to move the white star guides all the way to the right of the machine.

Once you have the machine ready to go, hit that Cricut button.

Once the Cricut has finished cutting out the tags peel away the outside material, one of the nice things about the faux suede is it only needs one cut and it peels really easily from the mat.

Now you are ready to start inking.

I picked up a set of ink pads that had a variety of colors and a small fox rubber stamp. The body of the fox was too big for my tags so I just inked the head carefully.

The cool thing about using stamps is you can use different color ink too on the different color faux suede. The Cricut Suede comes in 5 natural colors and one black sheet. I used Stamps and FABRIC PENS to create my tags. Fabric Pens are ideal for tags that will be put on items that will go through the wash and the color is so vibrant with the fabric pens.

Let the labels dry for a bit, just about 20 minutes or so then you can start adding them to your handmade items.

I also used different colored inks on the lightest color faux suede and they came out great!

I have a set of tags that are specific to baby clothes if you need care tags to label your handmade beanies, bibs, bonnets and other baby items. The Cricut Cut Files that I have do come with a the Little Beanies Care Tag, if you would like the complete set check out the listing below.

Little Baby Tag Set

I am so happy with how these came out, they look and feel amazing. I plan on making more of these for sure! I just need to get more little stamps 🙂

If you give these a try I would love to see what you create with them. Please share with me on social media @savlabot on Instagram and Facebook

I would like to note that these can very easily be made without using a Cricut Machine, you can cut the faux suede using a rotary cutter, scissors or a paper cutter and used a leather hole punch for the holes.

Here is a link to the hole punch I have and it works great, I would just recommend folding the tag in half or punching 2 at a time.

Leather Punch

Thank you so much for checking out this post!

Happy Making ~Savla

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