Free Crochet Coasters Pattern

Simple Crochet Coasters

I just added Crochet Coaster Tags and Wraps to my Etsy Shop and wanted to share the pattern for the coasters that I made. This is a simple but significant pattern that doesn’t do anything special stitch wise but the final product is quite stunning. The texture of these stitches and the yarn selection make this a really beautiful looking coaster and would make a wonderful addition to your market booth, online shop or to be given as a gift.

Materials for Completion:

5mm Crochet Hook US H-8

malabrigo Mecha Yarn

Darning Needle

Sizes: Approximately 3.5”x3.5”

Gauge: Not terribly important for this pattern

Selected Abbreviations:

ch = chain                hdc = half double crochet                    MAR  = magic adjustable ring

st(s) = stitch(es)                sl st = slip stitch       () = numbers in parenthesis are the number of stitches at the end of the round.

This pattern calls for a smaller size needle than suggested for the weight of yarn. I like the thickness using a smaller size hooks gives to the finished product. You may need to size up if you are a tight crocheter as you may find it difficult to insert the hook into the proper place.


Start with MAR, ch2

Round 1: 9 hdc into MAR, pull MAR tail to cinch closed. Join in the beginning with a sl st. (9)

Round 2: ch2, 2 hdc into each space (the space between each stitch). Join with sl st (18)

Round 2 is the only round where you stitch into the space between sts.

Round 3: ch2, *1 hdc into next st, 2 hdc into the next st, repeat from * to end. Join with sl st (27)

Round 4: ch2, *1 sc into next 2 sts, 2 sc into the next st, repeat from * to last st, do 2 sc into the last st (36)

Round 5: ch2, sc to end, add 1 extra sc into the last st (37)

Finishing: Sl st around the edge of round, into each of the stitches. Join in the beginning with a sl st. (37)

Cut yarn and pull through, thread onto your darning needle, weave in around the first slip stitch and insert back around where the yarn is coming from, this will make a seamless chain around the top of the coaster.

Weave in on backside and cut yarn.

Yarn Used in sample images is Malabrigo Mecha. The coasters don’t take too much yarn for one and can be a perfect way to use up leftover bits of this yarn from another project.

I also really like both sides of this coaster, the image below shows how the coasters look on both sides. I actually prefer the coaster with the wrong side up.

You will notice with the finished coaster will curl up slightly but you can press down with your hand to flatten out and the coaster should lay flat.

I have also created a set of tags that can be used with your crochet coasters, whether you are making them to give as gifts or to sell, tags and labels really give a professional look to your final product. 

This set is available in my Etsy Shop and can work with a variety of different types of handmade coasters.

I hope you enjoy working on these patterns, I love seeing pics of finished items that use my patterns and printables please share with me on social media by using @savlabot

If you use this pattern for items that you sell please give credit to Savlabot Handmade Crafts as the pattern designer.

Happy Crafting,

Savla 🙂

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