Free Knit & Crochet Scrunchies Patterns

I have been trying out a few different ways to make scrunchies and thought I would share the process.


I made five different style scrunchies but ended up only really liking 3 of them. I am going to share how I made those 3 here. I am still working out exactly how I want to seam them. For all of the scrunchies pictured I used a standard bind-off and just sewed them together. This works pretty well but the side that is seamed does look different than the other side. I have made it so that the seam is the inside, center of the scrunchies so that you cannot see it. I will continue to work on the seam and will update if I find something better.

Materials: Needle:

US Circular knitting needle size 7 with a 16″ cable

Yarn: Caron X Pantone Bamboo Yarn one hank

Though other size 4 worsted weight yarns will do


Tapestry or Darning Needle

Stitch Marker

 Elastic Hair Band

A book or smooth board of some type that measure about 9″

Cast on an even number of stitches between 80 and 90.

Rounds 1-12: knit, or to a desired number of rounds. You can knit more than 12 rounds, as many as you want, I did 17 on the dark pink scrunchie below and it is quite puffy in real life.

Once you have knit the desired amount of rounds, bind-off using a standard bind-off. Cut yarn leaving a long tail, about 2 1/2 times the length of the work (about 30″ or so).

 I am still working on finding the perfect method for binding off the stockinette stitch scrunchies, but the standard bind-off method seems to work pretty good.

Stretch over something that is wide enough to fit the elastic band like a book. I used a small 9″ dry erase board that I had at the house, I bought it at Office Depot.

Slip the knitted work so that the wrong side is showing, then stretch the elastic band over the work.

Fold up the knitted work so that the seams meet and stitch together. Tie off yarn and weave in ends. Slip off board.

You will have just about enough yarn leftover from the knitted scrunchie to make a skinny crochet scrunchie. I used a half double crochet around an elastic band with the remaining yarn. You can also try out my Crochet Velvet Scrunchies Pattern here.

The next style is made the same way as the yellow one, the only difference is when you slip the work onto the book you have the right side showing. So that the finished scrunchie shows the wrong side. I have a video for how I make the garter knit scrunchie below.

The last style is a garter stitch scrunchie, this one you alternate the rounds with knitting and purling.

Round 1: Knit all Sts.

Round 2: Purl all Sts.

Repeat these 2 rounds for a total of 16 -18 rounds, then follow the finishing instructions for the knit scrunchie.

Part 1: Knitting the body

And Part 2 Shows how I seam this one. I did try this with the stockinette stitch and it works ok, I am still trying to figure that one out.

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Happy Making, 


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44 thoughts on “Free Knit & Crochet Scrunchies Patterns

    • Savla says:

      It depends on the yarn. For the Pantone Yarn I like to cast on 84 stitches. But if you are using a thinner yarn you may need more stitches, and with a thicker yarn possibly a little less so I left the number of stitches a range.

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  2. Maria says:

    Holaa!! Me encanto, pero puedes hacer el grafting remallado kitchener stich en Youtube puedes encontrar para hacer tu costura invisible.

  3. Lucy Joy says:

    These are lovely, would you mind if I made some for the work charity market please? I will link the pattern back to you.

    thank you!


  4. Joan says:

    Love your knitted scrunchies. Have you thought about a provisional cast on and using the Kitchener invisible joining method? I can’t wait to try it! Thanks!

  5. Jeaux says:

    Love these. If you use round elastic core instead of hair band you can stitch then turn tube inside out so weak is on the inside.

  6. Milo says:

    I love this pattern! Do you know if the natural fibers like bamboo and cotton make the scrunchie fold more naturally? I tried using acrylic yarn and it was very stiff and boxy in the outcome. I’ll have to try your pattern 🙂

    • Savla says:

      I haven’t knit one with 100% Acrylic but I think it is more the thinness of this yarn. The Caron Pantone X is a size 4 but on the light side of the 4 size yarns if that makes any sense. Sometimes acrylic yarn can be a bit stiff, whearas the Caron yarn has a really nice drape to it.

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  9. Pamela says:

    So glad I found your link!! I am making some of these for my graddaughter for Christmas. She loves them!! Thank you for sharing!!

  10. Pamela says:

    So glad I found your link! I am knitting several of these for my granddaughter for Christmas! She loves them! Thank you for sharing your pattern <3

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  12. Becky says:

    I have cast on 84-90 several times trying to get the stitches to meet from the other side. I’m using a 16” circular needle but I think I would have to cast on over a 100 to make the ends meet to knit in the round. Is anyone else having this issue?

    • Savla says:

      I use a long tail cast on method, and don’t have a problem getting my ends to meet. Different needles may result in slightly different needle lengths, the ones I use are the Clover brand interchangeable ones. This pattern isn’t one where you have to have any set number of stitches, you can cast on what works, more stitches will make your scrunchie bunchier and I think that will be ok, but I do find the initial round is a bit tight but as I knit it loosens up. You can also try magic loop, that might help too. Purl Soho has a nice video tutorial on how to use magic loop

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  14. Ανδρομάχη Σδραύκου says:

    After you finish the 12 or as many as you did how do you tie up the edges so it becomes round

    • Savla says:

      Hello, there is a video at the end of the post with how I finish the scrunchie. After I seam the two sides together around the hair tie I tie the two yarn tails together and then weave in the ends before I cut the yarn.

    • Savla says:

      They are only in this post right now, I am working on a PDF of the instructions, I only have the video and what is in this post at this time.

    • Savla says:

      Hello Patricia,

      I only have the pattern in this post right now, I am working on a PDF for my Etsy Shop and hope to have it completed soon.

  15. Jane Talboys says:

    Instead of casting off and sewing together have you tried casting off through last and cast on rows together to create the seam. I think it would be neater ….

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  17. Sarah F says:

    I love this pattern(!) and I’ve made it before using other worsted weight yarn, but when I tried to use the Caron x Pantone yarn, I ran out of yarn in one hank after 10 rows – do you think I used the wrong cast on method? Or should I try tighter stitches?

    • Savla says:

      I am not sure, I have never ran out of yarn when making these scrunchies, I wonder if not all hanks are the same? I have only used a few different colors and they all seemed to be the same yardage. I use a double tail cast on method and leave a longish tail. When I finish with my scrunchies I usually have a good amount leftover and make a skinny scrunchie with the remaining yarn. Are you using a size 7 needle?


    • Kelly says:

      Hey Sarah,

      I literally just ran into the same issue with some older skeins of Caron x Pantone, turns out some of them are bulky weight (if the total yardage is 127 that’s the giveaway). I cast on 56 stitches and knitted for 10-11 rows and got a scrunchie that looks good!

      Hopefully this still helps you!

    • Savla says:

      Hello Kyle, Yes if you would like to use the diagram for the masks mate you can, I just ask that you please do not alter or remove the line at the bottom that says who made the diagram.

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