Free Knit Beanie Pattern for #HatNotHate

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Knit Beanie Pattern

I have been knitting beanies for #HATNOTHATE, it is Lion Brand Yarn Company’s anti-bullying campaign where they encourage people to make and wear handmade blue hats to help increase awareness of the terrible impact of bullying. This year they are collecting 25,000 blue hats by August 1st. The blue hats will be distributed to US schools to wear during the month of October which is National Bullying Prevention Month. I am making all of my hats using a single pattern and thought I would share the pattern on my blog.

The Beanie is knit using the Granite Stitch in the round and is knit seamless. The pattern is easy to memorize with only 4 rounds and uses only a few beginner/intermediate techniques. If you need help with the Granite Stitch you can click here to visit my blog post with detailed instructions on how to knit the stitch.

Kindness is Cool Knit Beanie

Needle: US Circular knitting needle size 13 and four size 13 DPNs

Tapestry or Darning Needle, Stitch Markers, Measuring Tape

Yarn: Bulky Weight, 1 skein. Designed specifically to be knit with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn.

Gauge: 2 stitches x 4 rows = 1″ x 1″

Sizes: One Size Fits Most Youth/ Adult


dpn  = double pointed needle      k =  knit      k2tog = knit two stitches together     kfb = knit front and back      p = purl      p2tog = purl two stitches together     rep = repeat     sl1, k1, psso = slip one stitch, knit the next stitch, pass the slipped stitch over the knit stitch.     sl = slip stitches      st(s) = stitch(es)


With the Circular Needle, cast on 48 sts.

Place marker, connect ends, being sure not to twist yarn. Be sure to leave at least a 6” yarn tail. I use the long tail cast on method, though any stretchy cast on method will work.

Start Pattern:

Round 1 – 5: k1, p1 to end.  

Round 6: knit to end.

Round 7: p2tog to end.

Round 8: kfb to end.

Round 9: knit to end.

Repeat Rounds 6 -9 until work measures between 6.5″ – 7″. Be sure to complete all 4 rounds before moving on to decrease, your last round before the decrease should be knitting all stitches (round 9)

Start Decrease: Restart round count. Switch to DPNs when it is too hard to continue knitting on the circular needles.

When decreasing, you will place markers instead of counting the stitches. You will only need to count during round 1. When placing markers, it is a good idea to use a different color at the start of the round, then use another color to mark each section. I normally use only two colors but my children like to play with my stitch markers and I couldn’t find enough to use for the pictures. The black marker is the beginning of the round.

Round 1: *k2tog, k6 place marker, repeat from * until beginning marker. (42 sts left)

Round 2:[p1, *p2tog, rep from * to the next marker.] Repeat info in [ ] for each section until end.  (24 sts left)

Round 3: *k2, kfb to next marker, rep from *until next marker. Rep for each section until end. (36 sts left)

Round 4: knit to end. (36 sts left)

Round 5: k2tog, knit to next marker, rep from * for each section until end. (30 sts left)

Round 6: [p1, *p2tog, rep from * to the next marker.] Repeat info in [ ] for each section until end.  (18 sts left)

Round 7: *k2, kfb to next marker, rep from *until next marker. Rep for each section until end. (24 sts left)

Round 8: k2tog to end to end. (12 sts left)

Round 9: knit to end. Remove markers. (12 sts left)

Cut yarn leaving a 6″-8″ yarn tail.

Closing the Beanie.  

Thread yarn tail onto darning needle and use darning needle to transfer all stitches from the knitting needles to the yarn tail. Cinch closed.

Weave in all loose yarn, add a pom-pom or leave as is.

If you are wanting to knit this hat for Lion Brands #HatNotHate campaign, you need to knit blue hats. I knit a few using Wool-Ease Thick and Quick as well as Hometown USA.

This beanie was knit with Lion Brands Hometown USA Yarn
You should have enough yarn leftover to make a pompom to add to this beanie! And I have a set of Free tags you can print for use with your #HatNotHate Donations.

Link will take you to

24 thoughts on “Free Knit Beanie Pattern for #HatNotHate

  1. Angela says:

    I’m having problems with row 2 of the decreases. Normally the stitches are the exact number for the repeats between the *s, but these are not

    • Savla says:

      You only use the size 13 circular needles to knit the hat, then you will need four dpn needles that are also size 13.

  2. Judy says:

    This is a beautiful pattern and knit up well. Only problem is that the hat shape is a bit square and fits very very small.

    • susan marro says:

      It really matters what kind of yarn you use. My first hat turned out wonderfully using size 13 needles and Lion Brand Hometown USA, (Super Bulky 6). Great fit,
      My next one on a more expensive wool that I thought was the same weight (I had lost the label) turned out very small on the size 13 needles. I ended up unravelling the hat and knitting it on size 15 needles. Much better!
      I am on my third hat now, and will give these lovely hats for Christmas.

      • Savla says:

        Yes, this is very true, I made most of these using Lion Brad Wool-Ease Thick and Quick and Hometown USA yarns as they are very similar in weight. Not all Bulky yarns are the same. I am glad you are liking the pattern.

          • Savla says:

            This beanie fits most adults, the white beanie pictured I made for my daughter who is 17. The beanie also fits me 🙂 You can use just a single skein but if you choose to knit the beanie a bit longer you may need 2. I usually use one skein of Wool-Ease Thick and Quick per adult beanie. You won’t need to cast on any additional stitches as this stitch is stretchy and it will fit an adult with the number suggested in the pattern. If you are using Hometown (Tweed) that yarn has less yardage and you will need 2 for an adult hat.

        • Savla says:

          Hello Mary,
          The Pattern is free, there is a PDF linked at the end of the post. The beanie is knit using a super bulky weight yarn, Susan mentioned that not all yarns are the same, so be sure you have a yarn similar to the yarn used in my pattern. ~Savla

  3. Meg Savage says:

    It knitted real easily. I have never worked with bulky or chunky yarn and big needles and was a little hesitant. I have knitted sweaters etc. cables etc., so I don’t know why I was so nervous. I am hooked. I live in Florida but have gran and great grandchildren in Massachusetts. Thank you.

    • Savla says:

      I am so glad you tried it out, I love working with bulky yarn, it makes projects go so fast 🙂 I am happy you liked the pattern and gave it a try.

  4. Ruth Knee says:

    I want o knit asmaller size instead of 48 stitches. How many stitches should I cast on for a chilc about 6 years old normal head size?

    • Savla says:

      This hat will fit a 6 year old. My son is the one pictured wearing the hat and he is 5 in this picture. The hat is really stretchy. If you want it to be a bit shorter you can work the repeats a few less times, but circumference wise this hat should fit a 5/6 year old if knit using a similar yarn that I used.

  5. Chris Frank says:

    Loved this! My grandson loved it too, but my daughter was trying to steal it so I will make a bigger one for her because it fit his little 5 yr old head perfectly. lol. Thank you so much.

  6. Priscilla says:

    I love the pattern but I would like to make it in a lighter weight yarn. What size needles would i use and how many stitches to cast on? Thanks

    • Savla says:

      Thank you, I am glad you like the pattern. I have only made it using bulky yarn so I am not sure what the stitch count would be to work it with a smaller sized needle and yarn.

  7. Tiffany says:

    Hello! I have read the above comments about changing the size of the hat but didn’t really see an answer to my question, so I will ask here. I am hoping to make this hat for my niece who is 1yo. Is there a set number of stitches I need to do the repeat (for instance a multiple of 4 or 6)? I understand I’ll need to repeat rows 6-9 fewer times, but this question is related to stitches per row/cast on. Thanks!

    • Savla says:

      Hello, I haven’t made this beanie in a smaller size so I am really not sure. In general I cast on fewer stitches and then knit to a shorter length. Since I haven’t done this hat in a smaller size I am really not sure of the measurement you would want for length. For the number of stiches to cast on I would suggest 40sts to start, the decrease is over 8 stitches, if you have 40sts the decrease rounds should still work.
      I hope that helps,

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