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Teacher’s Gift Coffee Cozy Printables

Free Pattern linked in post for cozy/sleeve

My son is in a Pre-school class and has a wonderful teaching team that we want to thank for such a wonderful year. I wanted to give them all something special and thought a coffee cozy would be the perfect gift. I am making up a gift box for them that will have hand crocheted cup sleeves, instant beverage mixes, gift cards and reusable cups that the teachers and staff can choose from.

I found a set of hot beverage cups from Starbucks and was lucky enough to find a yarn that matched the cups perfectly by Lion Brand Yarn. I also picked up a few reusable cold beverage cups to add to the gift box.

Here’s what I put in the gift box

I used my Chai Latte Cup Sleeve pattern that you can find HERE on my blog or download from Ravlery. 

Lion Brand Flikka Yarn has the perfect colors to go with the cups I found at Starbucks. The cups come in a variety of colors and the Birthday Cake color way matches each cup perfectly. You can find the yarn from Lion Brand Online or find it at a local Michaels Store.

For the cozy, I made a slight change to it by using a 4 double crochet bobble stitch instead of the 3 double crochet stitch that is shown in the pattern. It is an easy modification, all you need to do is add one more partial double crochet when doing the bobble stitch so that you have an extra loop on your hook before pulling the yarn through all loops. This should make sense once you have read how to create the bobble stitch for the pattern.

I used my Thanks a Latte Cozy holder which is available in a set in my Etsy Shop.

I also added a few via starbucks drinks for them to use with their new cups and I put a Starbucks gift card inside each cup. I made some cute tags that can be used in place of the holder if you want to gift the cup with the cozy on it. You can download the tags for free by clicking the link below.

Thanks A Latte Teacher Gift Cozy Holder PDF 

I will also be adding in some treats, muffins and cookies that if we can fit it in to our schedule next week we will bake for them, if not we will pick up some yummy goodies from the bakery in our neighborhood. I still need to find a gift box to put everything in, I plan to go to Michaels to see what they have available.

You can also find a complete set in my Etsy Shop with files that you can upload using Avery Templates to edit yourself. Click the image below to visit my Etsy Listing.


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