Hot Chocolate Kits

Simple Holiday Gift Kit for Kids

The perfect gift for your kids to give to their classmates!

Hot Chocolate gift idea with Free Printable Gift Tags

Every year the kids give small gifts to their classmates. This is Canyon’s first year at his pre-school and we decided to do hot chocolate kits.

Hot Chocolate gift idea with Free Printables

When Mykah was small we used to do Snowman Soup but I was at the Dollar Tree and saw these cute little Hot Chocolate Cafe Boxes and thought they would be perfect for packaging a hot chocolate kit for Canyon to give.

All you need is:

A box, bag or mug – I found my boxes at the Dollar Tree

Cookies – Click here for a super simple Dipped Christmas Cookie Recipe

3″ x 5″ Ziploc bags

Hot Chocolate Packets – I bought mine at Trader Joe’s because the package is adorable! But any hot chocolate packets will do.

Mini Marshmallows

Mini Candy Canes

Hot Chocolate gift idea with Free Printable Sheet

First Download the Free PDF file for the Marshmallow and Christmas Cookie Tags

Christmas Cookies Tag

Marshmallow Tag

Once you have downloaded the files be sure to read the instructions on the bottom of the sheet. It is important to print these at the ACTUAL SIZE and not scaled to fit. If you take these to a print shop to be printed please be sure to let them know that. The cards are sized to print 3″ wide and if they are printed scaled down your cards will not be the right size for a 3″ bag.

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I printed my cards at home using a stippled paper, I like the way the prints look with the texture of this paper, but any cardstock will be fine.

Stippled paper is an art paper and not the cheapest to print on, but I happen to have a lot of it that I get from my old work so it is pretty inexpensive for me to use. If you want to buy some it is Bee Stipple Paper

Once you have your tags printed you need to cut them out following the light gray solid line.

Hot Chocolate gift idea with Free Printables Sheet

Then fold in half

I included holiday cookies in my kit, if you want a simple Christmas Cookie to add check out my Dipped Joe Joe Cookie Post here.

I like to use a stapler to attach the tag to the baggie but you could tape it using a glue tape roller or double sided tape. I have done that in the past but found that they seem to be easier to open with just a staple.

Be sure you pre-fill your baggie with Marshmallows or Cookies before stapling the tag on 🙂

Hot Chocolate kit with Free Printable Gift Tag sheets

Once you have your baggies filled and tagged you are ready to put the kit together, it’s pretty easy, just fill your box, bag or mug with all items and you are ready to go.

Hot Chocolate gift idea with Free Printable

For Canyon’s pre-school class I used the boxes that I found at the Dollar Tree

And for Mykah I used a ceramic holiday mug



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