Halloween Crafting with Kids

7 Quick and easy Halloween Craft Projects

7 Quick Crafts to do with your kids for Halloween


My kids have always really enjoyed crafting and we have been making our own Halloween decorations for the last couple of years. Here is a collection of 7 quick crafts that we did last year for Halloween.

Halloween Washi Tape Clothes Pin Photo Holders

Washi Tape Halloween Clothes Pin Photo Holders


Halloween Washi Tape Light Switch Cover

Halloween Washi Tape Light Switch Cover

Halloween Washi Tape Dollar Store Frame Makeover

Washi Tape Halloween Dollar Store Picture Frame for Kids Artwork


Halloween Pennant Banner

Halloween Pennant Banner that uses children's sticker art


Halloween You’ve Been Booed Treat

Free Booed Treat Printables

Halloween Wood Block Cats

Easy DIY Halloween, Fall decoration Black Cat Wooden Block trio. Decoration and link to Craft Tutorial from Everyday Mom Ideas


Halloween Wooden Block Houses

Wood Block Halloween Houses. Create your own spooky Halloween houses out of painted wood blocks. Decorate with holiday scrapbook paper for a fun DIY Halloween Craft.

I hope you get a chance to make your own decorations this year for Halloween. I know that my kids LOVE seeing things that they have made out on display. Each year we put out some of the decorations that we made in the previous year and it is fun to see old crafts out on display.

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