Mini Succulent Plant Kit

DIY Succulent Plant Kit

For my littlest ones first birthday I created succulent plant kits as party favors for each family. My sons party was a Wild One adventure themed party and I had originally planned on having a craft station, where guests would decorate and plant succulents in mini pots, but the weather was looking like rain for the day of the party so I changed it to a planting kit for each family to take with them and make at home.

I am so happy with how these turned out, I thought I would offer a free printable for others, if you click on the image below, you can download a PDF file that includes the care instructions swing tag, bag tag and planting information. I made some modifications for the free printables, as some of the clipart I purchased for the ones used in the party do not allow for the clipart to be used in freebies. I ended up taking photos of some of the succulents I have at home for the ones you can download by clicking on the image below.

I used plain terracotta pots I found at Michaels, as well as some colored pots that I found at Target, the colored pots were very poorly done so I re-painted the outside with chalked paint. If I were going to do this again, I would just get the terracotta pots and skip the colored ones completely.

I tied a care instructions swing tag on  each of the succulent plants, this way everyone would know how to take care of their plant after getting in home.

Each bag included, one succulent plant, one instruction sheet for planting, a peet pod and one pot.

I found little brown paper sacks at Michaels that were the perfect fit for this project, you can pick some up in the party section in stores, I couldn’t find the same bags on the Michaels website, but they were small bags, in the party section.

For the succulents, I am lucky enough to have a succulent enthusiast for my mother-in law. She has been propagating her succulent leaves and had a ton for me to choose from.

If you have to acquire plants for this project I would suggest purchasing a sedum treleasei pictured above and below, it will be easy if you buy a few larger sized pots with a lot of little plants on it to take clippings for the kits.

The succulent kits were a big hit, it would have been fun to have the craft station, where people could decorate their pots and pick out the plant and plant it, but I think the kits worked out really well, and probably traveled home better than a planted succulent with dirt in a pot.

I also made up favors for the kids, each of the little guests received a bug catching kit along with a pair of Paper Animal Ears from Meri Meri’s Let’s Explore Party Collection. We hid bugs around the living room and had the kids collect them and try to identify them using the card inside their kits. The kids really enjoyed finding the bugs, it was so cute seeing them pic them up using the tweezers and using the cards to match the bugs they found.

I made a S’mores trail mix for the bigger kids that had Mini Marshmallows, Milk Chocolate Chips and Teddy Grahams in it.

I will be adding a post on the Bug Catching Kits along with some of the other decorations used for the party soon.

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