Crochet Appliqué Flower

This pattern was one of the first patterns I published when I started designing knit and crochet patterns. I am going in a new direction for my shop and want to offer this pattern, along with some of my other smaller appliqué  patterns for free on my blog.

These little flowers are great added to beanies, shirts, onesies, tote bags, really there are so many ways you can use this pattern. When my daughter was little I made a ton of these and added to little hair clips.


Materials for Completion:

Hooks: US C2 2.75mm Crochet Hook

Embroidery Floss (or craft thread)

1 Button

Tapestry Needle


ch = chain           dc = double crochet           MAC – Magic Adjustable Circle

sc = single crochet           sl st = slip stitch           st = stitch          sts = stitches           rep = repeat


Make a Magic Adjustable Circle
Step 1: using Color A, wrap yarn around index and middle finger, leaving yarn tail in front of working yarn (Image 1 & 2). With crochet hook, grab working yarn and pull through loop making 1 loop on hook (Image 3). Ch2 (image 4).

Step 2: 10 sc into mac. Pull yarn from the mac, join ring with sl st. Cut color A. End with 10 sc.

Step 3 Color B:  Ch 2, sc into same st *sc into next st, 2 sc into next st. Rep from * to last st, sc into last st; join with sl st. End with 11 single crochet.

Step 4 Color B:  Ch 3, skip 1, sc into next st, *ch 2, skip 1, sc into next st; rep from * to last st, ch 2; sl st to join ring. You will have 6 ch2 spaces. Cut color B.


Step 5 Color C:  *Ch 1, 5 dc into ch2 space, sl st into next ch2 space; rep from * to last ch2 space, sl st into last ch2 space, ch 1, 5 dc into ch2 space, sl st into same ch2 space. Cut color C and pull through loop.


Add a button using the yarn tails. Weave in all loose ends.

If you need the supplies to complete this project, visit the links below to purchase:

Embroidery Floss


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