Tiny Heart Infant Beanie

I decided to participate in The American Heart Association in conjunction with The Children’s Heart Foundations Little Hats, Big Hearts Campaign this year. I will be knitting, along with many other knitters and crocheters, tiny red hats for babies born in February; the goal of this campaign is to raise awareness, provide resources and inspire parents about their family’s heart health.

If you would like to join me in knitting or crocheting hats for this cause, please click here for more information.

I had looked up a few patterns for donation beanies, and found a lot of free crochet patterns that I liked, but not as many knit patterns that I wanted to use. Since I wasn’t having much luck finding a pattern I wanted to knit I decided to make one myself. I used an existing pattern that I have that uses super bulky yarn, I converted it and made some slight changes to it so it would work with medium weight yarn.

Below is the pattern for my Tiny Heart Infant Beanie, available for purchase in my Etsy Shop.

Tiny Heart Infant Beanie Pattern 

I created this pattern using Red Heart Yarn with Love in Holly Berry Red and White. I chose this yarn specifically for this project, as it meets the criteria for the type of yarn requested by The American Heart Association. I also liked that this yarn donates to the American Red Cross.

If you join me in this Campaign please be sure to share on social media using #LittleHatsBigHeartsMAA and tag the American Heart Association on Instagram @American_Heart and if you choose to use my pattern please tag me @savlabot as the pattern writer.

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