Succulent Mason Jar Cozy

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Lets Crochet Something!

This is a quick little pattern I came up with to dress up my succulents planted in 4 oz mason jars.

I have a few versions of these Mason Jar Cozy’s that I have posted in my Ravelry Shop, you can find an alternative pattern made with Lion’s Brand Cotton Ease yarn here: Free Mason Jar Cozy on Ravelry The free pattern on Ravelry is pretty much the same as this one, it just uses a different type of yarn, so the sizing is a bit off.

Below is a pattern I created using Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream yarn in Overcast.

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Mason Jar Cozy Free Pattern

Free Mason Jar Cozy Pattern

Hello Fellow Knitters!

My friends and I went on an all girls camping trip this year and I was in charge of bringing beverages, I made some Amazing White Wine Sangria and packed it in Mason Jars, and also brought coffee for in the morning. One thing I didn’t bring was enough mugs for all of the girls to enjoy their coffee, as a result, we used the empty Mason Jars that I packed the Sangria in, this was a great idea, except the mugs were a bit hot to touch so we used some towels to keep our hands warm.

After this experience I thought it would be a good idea to make a cozy for my mason jar cups so I could enjoy my hot tea or coffee without burning my hand.

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