Crochet Appliqué Heart 2


Some of my first patterns were appliqués and small crochet items. I decided to post these for free on my blog for anyone that is looking for a small quick crochet project.

These little applique hearts are so super cute, I love using them to adorn knit/crochet projects as well as use them to embellish cards and other paper crafts.

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Easy Everyday Pancakes Recipe


This is my go to pancake recipe, it is almost as easy as using a pancake mix too, it really only takes a few minutes longer and they taste so good! I always thought pancakes were one of those really hard things to make from scratch until I found out my brother had been making his pancakes from scratch, once I had his pancakes I decided I needed to give it a try. I am so happy I did, I cannot stress how easy pancakes are to make from scratch.

I really like this recipe because it is the perfect size for my family of 3 1/2 (the toddler just eats mini pancakes so I am counting him as the 1/2 , and the baby doesn’t eat solid food yet 🙂 ) The recipe makes about 12 pancakes or so, I often do a half recipe when my daughter isn’t eating with us, the half recipe makes about 6 pancakes which is perfect for the 3 of us.

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Rock Cactus Garden

rock cactus, cactus, painted rocks, rock garden, painted pot, craft paint, craft smart, green paint

My daughter and I decided to do a weekly craft over the summer, we ended up being busier than we thought and had time for only a few projects. One of the first ones we both wanted to do was rock cacti, we had both been searching on Pintrest and found that we both had pinned similar painted rocks to our shared board.

Our front yard is filled with rocks, as we have a drought tolerant landscape, so we pretty much had everything we needed to start this project.

My daughter is 14 and has really been into room decor, so this was a great project to start off our summer crafts with, as she could add it to her room as a fun diy decoration.

After doing this craft with my daughter, my mother-in-law wanted to make one as well, my nieces happened to be visiting for a week at the same time as my mother-in-law so we planned a craft day and made these with them, we modified the craft slightly, so I will be showing you both methods I used for making these rock cactus gardens.

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Knit Ear Warmer Pattern

knitting, knit, ear warmer, earwarmer, loops and thread, michaels, yarn,

Hello There!

Quite a few years ago while selling at my favorite Indie Craft Fair, Mod Shop, I was asked by so many customers if I made ear warmers, there was even one customer that came back by to show me one she found from another vendor so that I knew what they were, she said I should start making them because they are becoming so popular.  And she sure was right, ear warmers are still super popular these days and it turns out they are a breeze to make.

I started making just a single design using my favorite stitch, the seed stitch, (I can’t help it, I love this stitch!) It is such a simple and easy stitch that results in a beautiful texture with the yarn.

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Succulent Mason Jar Cozy

mason jar, crochet, crochet cozy, mason jar cozy, succulent, 4 oz mason jar, ball mason jar

Lets Crochet Something!

This is a quick little pattern I came up with to dress up my succulents planted in 4 oz mason jars.

I have a few versions of these Mason Jar Cozy’s that I have posted in my Ravelry Shop, you can find an alternative pattern made with Lion’s Brand Cotton Ease yarn here: Free Mason Jar Cozy on Ravelry The free pattern on Ravelry is pretty much the same as this one, it just uses a different type of yarn, so the sizing is a bit off.

Below is a pattern I created using Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream yarn in Overcast.

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Donut Ring Toss

donut, donut ring toss, game, ring toss game, diy ring toss, party game, backyard game, ring toss game for kids, for kids


My friend Marisa asked if my husband and I could make a ring toss game for her daughter’s 3rd birthday, the theme for the party is donuts and she asked if we could mount a few dowels to a board for the game. I happened to have some dowels and a board with some drilled holes, so I thought, sure we have something we can use.

I asked my husband if we could make a ring toss using the dowels and pre-drilled board we had as a donut ring toss, and he said “donut ring toss is a waste of donuts” (thinking donuts would be used as the rings), I then explained that Marisa had made cardboard donuts that will be used as the rings and he said “We should make it look like a donut” I agreed and that is exactly what we did.

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Free Knit Bow Tie Pattern

knit, bow tie, bowtie, knit bowtie, knit bow tie, knit bow, bow,

Hello Knitters!

Here is another free pattern for you. This is my Knit Bow Tie Pattern, designed with a toddler in mind. This bow tie will fit most children, as it is a one size fits most type of pattern.

Knit Bow Tie Pattern

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How to make a Pom-Pom

pom pom, pompom, clover pom-pom maker, beanie, pom pom beanie

Hello Crafters!

I really love Pom-Poms! they are so cute and are great additions to almost any craft. I have recently been making pom-poms for my knit beanies.

I use the Clover Pom Pom Maker, it is the fastest easiest way to make a pom-pom.

I have used many other DIY methods, my hands (great for big loose pom-poms), a fork (which is great for small pom-poms), card board, which I will never ever, ever use again, but is a way to make a pom-pom.

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Free Garter Stitch Cowl Pattern

Garter Stitch Cowl_1

Hello Knitters!

I am getting ready for fall with a number of new scarf and cowl patterns.

Today I worked on a quick and easy cowl pattern that takes 1 skein of yarn, and can easily be modified into a scarf or infinity scarf.

This is a garter knit cowl, which is the first stitch I learned when I started knitting.

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Mason Jar Cozy Free Pattern

Free Mason Jar Cozy Pattern

Hello Fellow Knitters!

My friends and I went on an all girls camping trip this year and I was in charge of bringing beverages, I made some Amazing White Wine Sangria and packed it in Mason Jars, and also brought coffee for in the morning. One thing I didn’t bring was enough mugs for all of the girls to enjoy their coffee, as a result, we used the empty Mason Jars that I packed the Sangria in, this was a great idea, except the mugs were a bit hot to touch so we used some towels to keep our hands warm.

After this experience I thought it would be a good idea to make a cozy for my mason jar cups so I could enjoy my hot tea or coffee without burning my hand.

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