Free Knit Bow Tie Pattern

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Hello Knitters!

Here is another free pattern for you. This is my Knit Bow Tie Pattern, designed with a toddler in mind. This bow tie will fit most children, as it is a one size fits most type of pattern.

Knit Bow Tie Pattern

Materials For Completion: There is a link at the end of the post for a PDF download of the pattern.

US 4 knitting needles.

Worsted weight yarn less than 1 skein, this is a perfect pattern to use with yarn leftover from another project.

Yarn used in tutorial images is Spinrite Sugar’N Cream 100% Cotton Yarn.

This pattern also knit up well with Lion Brand Heartland Yarn and Loops & Threads Urban and Impeccable Yarn.

Terms: bo = bind off, co = cast on, k = knit, p = purl. sl1 = slip one stitch, st = stitch


Cast on 11 sts.


I typically use the long tail cast on method, but any method for casting on stitches should work just fine.


Row 1: sl1, knit to end.

Row 2: sl1, purl to last st, k1.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until work reaches 6 inches.


Binding Off: sl1, *k1, Insert the tip of the left hand needle into the first knit stitch on the right hand needle and pass over the last stitch you knit. One stitch will remain on the right hand needle. Repeat from * to end.


Cut yarn and pull through loop, leaving a long tail (approximately 5 inches) for stitching together the two ends of the bow tie.


Lay bow tie on a flat surface and bring the two ends together. You can choose if you want the knit side or the purled side as the finished side of this bow tie. Once you have decided purled or knit, stitch the two ends together using the yarn tail.


Fold the long sides of the bow tie together in a “hot dog fold”. Using the yarn tail, stitch closed in the middle. Fold the top of each side down to the middle fold and stitch closed as shown in image below.

The image below shows the bow tie on the backside.


9Knit the middle band.

c/o 5 stitches and repeat rows 1 and 2 of the bow tie pattern until work reaches 2.5 inches.

b/o and then lay band over top of bow tie, on the front side.


Add a sewn band, bow tie clip or elastic band and sew ends of the middle band together.


Weave in all loose yarn.


And your done!

Canyon is wearing a knit bow tie made with Loops & Threads Urban Yarn
Kassidy is modeling a knit bow tie made with Loops & Thread’s Impeccable Yarn
Canyon is wearing a knit bow tie made of Loops & Thread’s Impeccable Yarn

This is a really fun and quick pattern, you can usually make the bow tie in one sitting. I knit 7 bow ties for my little one each in a different color. He know has a bow tie for every day of the week!

This bow tie can also be turned into a bow for a little girl, instead of attaching an elastic band, sewn band or bow tie clip just sew or glue finished bow tie onto a headband.

You can download the pattern by clicking on this link Free Knit Bow Tie Pattern the link will take you to Ravelry where you can download the PDF file.

I really hope you enjoy this pattern and Happy Knitting!

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