Crochet Appliqué Heart 2

Some of my first patterns were appliqués and small crochet items. I decided to post these for free on my blog for anyone that is looking for a small quick crochet project.

These little applique hearts are so super cute, I love using them to adorn knit/crochet projects as well as use them to embellish cards and other paper crafts.

Materials For Completion: 

2 ply embroidery floss or craft thread (can be used with any weight yarn)

US C2 2.75 mm crochet hook (or hook size recommended for yarn weight)

Tapestry needle
Level: Beginner

Let’s Begin!

This is my heart appliqué pattern #2 it is similar to the heart appliqué pattern, however, this heart has a longer thinner shape than the original heart applique pattern. This appliqué heart can be added to an item by sewing it on. This is an easy to follow pattern with many detailed pictures.

Step 1: Make a Magic Adjustable Circle (MAC)



Using color A wrap yarn around index and middle finger, leaving yarn tail in font of working yarn. With crochet hook, grab working yarn and pull through.


You will have one loop on your hook and the MAC is complete, you are ready to start step 2.

Step 2: ch 2, do all work in MAC, you will need to adjust the MAC as you crochet.

STEP 3: 3 dc in MAC.       STEP 4: 3 hdc in MAC       STEP 5: Ch1, 1tc, ch1.         STEP 6: 3hdc.


STEP 7: 3dc.      STEP 8: ch2, slst into MAC, ch2 join with slst into first st.


STEP 9: cut yarn pull through. Pull tail yarn tight to close center hole, weave in.3

And that is it, you are all set to add this to any project 🙂

One of my favorite things to do with these little hearts is add them to note cards, and other paper crafts.5



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