Donut Ring Toss

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My friend Marisa asked if my husband and I could make a ring toss game for her daughter’s 3rd birthday, the theme for the┬áparty is donuts and she asked if we could mount a few dowels to a board for the game. I happened to have some dowels and a board with some drilled holes, so I thought, sure we have something we can use.

I asked my husband if we could make a ring toss using the dowels and pre-drilled board we had as a donut ring toss, and he said “donut ring toss is a waste of donuts” (thinking donuts would be used as the rings), I then explained that Marisa had made cardboard donuts that will be used as the rings and he said “We should make it look like a donut” I agreed and that is exactly what we did.

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