Rock Cactus Garden

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My daughter and I decided to do a weekly craft over the summer, we ended up being busier than we thought and had time for only a few projects. One of the first ones we both wanted to do was rock cacti, we had both been searching on Pintrest and found that we both had pinned similar painted rocks to our shared board.

Our front yard is filled with rocks, as we have a drought tolerant landscape, so we pretty much had everything we needed to start this project.

My daughter is 14 and has really been into room decor, so this was a great project to start off our summer crafts with, as she could add it to her room as a fun diy decoration.

After doing this craft with my daughter, my mother-in-law wanted to make one as well, my nieces happened to be visiting for a week at the same time as my mother-in-law so we planned a craft day and made these with them, we modified the craft slightly, so I will be showing you both methods I used for making these rock cactus gardens.

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